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Super Street Fighter IV is super, you should buy it and come play. Yes you.

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What is Street Fighter? You're kidding right?

It's arguably the most popular and recognizable fighting game brand ever made.

This is the wiki list of all the characters

How do I play this game? If you haven't bought it yet, maybe wait a few weeks and grab Super Street Fighter IV when it hits on April 27th-30th. Once you have it, hop right in. OR check these links out, most of it probably won't mean shit to you yet but in time, you may want the info.

Here's an excellent summary of common terms and strategies you'll run into eventually. Credit goes to Rolo for compiling them so nicely.
Speaking of info, here's a brief summary of the new stuff added into SSFIV.

A link to the Shoryuken forums 1-800-help-a-nub thread. Excellent info herein.

If you've ever yelled WHY THE DAMN HELL DID THAT JUST HAPPEN RAWR etc during or after a match, check this out.

Finally the player lists stolen shamelessly from Sneak's earlier thread and edited slightly to include Wimble but not his PS3 account because I don't know it.

**EDIT** Also more players now that the game is out. If you want fights, just post in the thread and I'll add you to the listing.

[Xbox 360]

The Sneak! - PA The Sneak
Futore - Debellum
Sars_Boy - Sarsboy
Arete - NinjaFrizz
Knob - KnobbonK
Octopus Medley - dr radicalrobot
RabidDeathMoose - RabidDeathMoose
Babyeatingjesus - H2O on the Moon
humble - I am the Bat
The Plain Girl from the etc etc etc - coeurs
Grath - Grath01
Radius - Kryzak Sul
Futore - Debellum
gazamc - chuwero
Meiz - Meiz1979
Farangu - Farangu

[PlayStation 3]

The Sneak! - TheSneak
Kuribo's Shoe - kuribosshoe
Devlin_Dragonus - devlin_dragonus
Transporter - TransportX
Arete - NinjaFrizz
Knob - KnobbonK
AggroChan - Sillender
Wimble - wimbleberry
cj iwakura - cj_iwakura
ShimSham - ShimmitySham
BugBoy - dhelix23
Butler For Life #1 - dhelix23
SabreMau - Tresjin
WhipstitchZombie - Nemo Woodbine

Also Sneak, you're a tease. Msg me to go a few rounds then you go offline!

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