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Debate and Discourse: AWESOME POST in "[Teabag Militia]: And we shall name it TALIBAN", by

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Post: [Teabag Militia]: And we shall name it TALIBAN
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Posted by: GungHo
Original Content:
devCharles wrote: »
I eagerly await The Food Network adding political commentary to their menu.

Ever watch Anthony Bourdain? He doesn't exactly shy away.
That's the Travel Channel.
Besides, I know Obama didn't have that BLT. He's a secret Muslim, remember?
An aside: I had a long and aggrivating discussion with a coworker about her belief in Obama being a secret Muslim that basically had me going through each Pillar of Islam and explaining how Obama isn't adhereing to any of them, and beyond that, how he eats pork, drinks alcohol, etc. And then she started talking about the "Sixth Pillar of Islam" and I said "<name>, I don't think that he's going on a jihad." And then she corrected me, with a completely sincere look on her face, "no, the Sixth Pillar is having the Arab name."

There was an Indian guy at the next table who snickered, said something in Hindi, pointed at the woman, and then all of them (5) started to laugh... loudly.

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The rest of you, I fucking hate you for the fact that I now have a blue dot on this god awful thread.


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