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Breath of Death VII: Dem bones, Dem bones (UPDATE: Bugfix patch now available on XBL)

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Breath of Death VII: The Beginning

Breath of Death is a new Xbox Live Indie Game made by our very own RainbowDespair and slash000. It's available on Xbox Live right now, and is only $1. Yah, one freakin' dollar. You should go buy it, right now. This deserves it's own OP, and I think the developers are to humble to do it themselves. Yes, it's been talked about in the XNA thread, and the XBLIG thread, and even the video game sales thread, but it's really quite OP worthy.

Okay, but what platforms is it on?
Only the 360, and there are no plans to port it according to RBD and slash.

Great, so, uhh, what is it?
It's a nostalgic 8-bit parody RPG. It's funny, and very nostalgic, while not being too nostalgic.

How did they make it?!
Microsoft XNA Game Studio. See the XNA thread for more info.

Ahhhhh, Sleep All crashes the game, and when I get in a fight in this mountain cave...
There is a bugfix patch available on XBL for these. Just start the game, it should apply itself. Your save game information won't be affected.


Debut Trailer:

Release Trailer:

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