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Heavy Gear Blitz: Go Robots?

SvenskaSvenska Registered User regular
edited April 2010 in Critical Failures
I'm kinda interested in this game, and know next to nothing about it. I figured I would post some basic info about it, and then see if any of y'all want to talk about it. If it's a waste of space, feel free to yell at me.

Heavy Gear Blitz:
Plot: Set in on the planet Terra Nova, a planet that generally sucks. It has no oceans, and people are stuck either in the two poles, which form the major two super powers, or in "the Badlands" a land rich in resources and violence.
Normally the two poles fight each other, but it looks like Earth tried to take over again, so North and South formed an alliance against em.

Factions. (taken from the wiki site (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heavy_Gear)
The North
The Northern Light Confederacy
A large nation known for its devotion to the major religion of Sorrento Revisionism based on the teachings of an early wandering desert colonist prophet named Mamoud. Sorrento Revisionism is a sect that preaches conservatism, and the necessary use of force to make the world a better place. They are most often motivated to conflict by that reason, and even incorporate chaplains into military units.
[edit]The Merchantile Federation
An industrial power that puts a price on everything, including buying and selling votes in their political system, and has a keen interest in exploiting the untapped resources buried in the sand and rock of the Bandlands.
[edit]The Western Frontier Protectorate
A region of open plains and ranching that promote family, hard work, and patriotism by military service. Indeed, the WFP requires a person to be a reservist in the Protectorate armed forces in order to be elected to high office, and only military veterans may vote.

The SouthThe Southern Republic
The real power of the southern pole. They are the largest nation on the planet with both territory and population, and dominate the other southern nations by military force if necessary. They are openly free with many individual rights of expression, a high level of art and culture, and legalised vices, but with the major exception of freedom for political dissent. The government is intolerant of dissent and opposition groups, and employs secret police. Prisoners often form poorly trained and equipped military units.
The Mekong Dominion
A nation of manufacturing, money lending, and corporations as government. They are also minimally armed, using their small military as a dual purpose police force and often hires outside forces to supplement their own when necessary.
The Humanist Alliance
This nation uses science and technology to structure their society in an attempt to create harmony and utopia. This ideal has almost attained religious status in their people. They place citizens into castes based on aptitude testing and are highly educated at all levels. Research and development, and an efficient skilled work force are some of their greatest assets.
Eastern Sun Emirates
A fractured nation of individual City-States that are almost nations unto themselves. They are led by hereditary monarchs known as Emirs who rule over their common citizens with no middle class in between.

And the Badlands, plus the new factions
Peace River
An independent city state in the Badlands of Terra Nova. They are an industrial nation capable of sophisticated, but practical manufacturing. This nation is home to Paxton Arms, one of the few independent corporations outside the two polar regions to build military hardware, including Heavy Gears of their own design. Peace River is the largest independent nation in the Badlands. The Peace River military also tries its best to defend other bandland nations from encroachments by either polar League, but is often stretched thin to cover such a vast area. Their other major conflicts involve Rovers, the bandits of the Badlands.
Port Arthur
The remnants of the failed expeditionary army sent by Earth to reconquer Terra Nova, Port Arthur was one of their primary staging bases in the Badlands. Over one-hundred thousand human officers and GREL (Genetically Recombinated Expeditionary Legionaries) super-soldiers were abandoned by the Earth fleet concentrated on Port Arthur. From here they have established a nation for themselves, and benefit from the high technology of the Colonial Expeditionary Force (CEF) hover tanks, and GREL infantry to safeguard their territory.
Rovers and independents
Most people in the Badlands owe their alligance to no nation. They live as families, gangs, or individuals. Small facilities of human habitation known as Oasis Towers are spotted around the Badlands at any available surface, or shallow wells of water, and small-scale agriculture can even be attempted. However, most Badlanders make their living as miners or caravan traders. They ply back and forth between the polar regions and far flung industrial sites of the Badlands selling and buying goods.
Rovers are the criminal element of the Badlands. They are groups of local outcasts, criminals escaping the law, AWOL soldiers fleeing their homelands, simple runaways, or even hereditary rovers born to other rovers who live in the wilds of the badlands and prey on local trade caravans, independent miners, and homesteaders. They are a commonplace problem in the lawless Badlands. Rather than work for their living, they take from others. Most Badlanders protect themselves in some fasion, though an unwritten code had developed over time where Rovers only take enough for themsevles, and will not leave their victims destitute or without the supplies to survive. However, the cruelty and/or humanity of the Rover bands runs the full spectrum of decency. Many rover bands even operate Heavy Gears salvaged from forgotten battle fields, stolen, or even bought on the open or black markets.

Roolz (once again from the wiki)
All editions of Heavy Gear use some variation of Dream Pod 9's own Silhouette game system. The first and second editions of the game contain both Role-playing and Tactical Wargame Rules. "Tactical" Heavy Gear calls for the use of hex maps and paper counters or miniatures.
The third edition of the Heavy Gear RPG uses a separate Silhouette CORE Rulebook, which is needed for play. The Heavy Gear 3rd Edition book contains useful summaries from many 2nd edition products, combined with some detailed statistics for both the SilCORE and OGL D20 systems.
Heavy Gear: Blitz! Locked & Loaded is the most recent Heavy Gear: Blitz! rulebook, the first of which was released concurrently in 2006 with a new line of miniatures. It contains no role-playing material and is styled as a dedicated wargame; it contains a streamlined rule system, an innovative new army building system, complete army lists and background information for five factions, a basic campaign system, a painting guide, and a timeline of historic events in the Heavy Gear universe. The Heavy Gear: Blitz! rules are intended for use with 1:144 scale model terrain, but it is still possible to use hexed mapsheets and paper counters.
In May, 2009, Dreampod 9 released "Return to Cat's Eye", the first expansion book for "Heavy Gear Blitz!", which provides background information and army lists for three new armies.
The Heavy Gear Blitz! ruleset was a nominee for the 2007 Origins Award for Best Miniatures Game or Expansion of the Year.
A fourth edition of the Silhouette game system will be published by Steve Jackson Games in 2009, under agreement with Dream Pod 9

From what I've read (I have zero playing time) it sounds pretty simply. They turned it from a complex game to something really trimmed down and logical. Concentrated fire, bombing runs, electronic warfare...it's all there.

I suppose once I learn how I'll post some pics of the amazing looking mechs. I guess I'm just making this thread to see how many people play the game, and to maybe get some fun conversations out of it. If I've broken any rules, feel free to fix it, or take it down.

Since your name means "swedish" in swedish, I just assumed you were, ya know, swedish.

Svenska on


  • Der Waffle MousDer Waffle Mous three times snugglier New Yark, New Yark.Registered User regular
    edited April 2010
    Funny thing.

    I have the rules, bought two ~1000TV forces for the north and south.

    Never played a proper game.

    It looks really good, I like a lot of the concepts the rules introduced (like the TV/priority system), and I like the setting. Mechanically its like some sort of mashup between Battletech and Warmachine that feels right to me.

    They've also released some new armies. They added the CEF proper, the Black Talons and Liberati (you might remember them from Heavy Gear 2), and just in the last couple of weeks, the planet Utopia.

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  • MorskittarMorskittar Registered User regular
    edited April 2010
    Fuck yes, I love Heavy Gear. I haven't played the Blitz rules though. I absolutely adore the older iterations of the wargame and RPG, even though I haven't had very many opportunities to play both. There's nothing like painting a target with an Iggy and dropping a bunch of heavy mortar shots from a Cobra behind a hill.

    If I could find opponents I'd grab the Blitz rules and pull out my Southern force in a second. I may try to get an RPG campaign together when I wrap up my WFRP game and pending Dark Sun game. Someday...

  • CorporateLogoCorporateLogo The toilet knows how I feelRegistered User regular
    edited April 2010
    I've got a bunch of Southern and PRDF stuff lying around, they're very nice models but they tend to have atrocious mold line problems, to the point where it looks like the molds weren't lined up properly

    The rules are good, the second edition of Blitz is much better than the first but there are still areas that are needlessly complex, target acquisition being the worst

    Also this guy's stuff is a good way to sell people on the models

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  • MorskittarMorskittar Registered User regular
    edited April 2010
    Wow. Those make me want to dig up my models and have yet another painting project to slog through. Really amazing stuff.

  • Der Waffle MousDer Waffle Mous three times snugglier New Yark, New Yark.Registered User regular
    edited April 2010
    They took an interesting route of separating the tactical game from the RPG and turning it into a more tournament-friendly ruleset. Aside from the places where Blitz streamlined things (namely damage) most everything seems compatible with the 2nd edition RPG rules, which I just found out they still release materials for.

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  • SvenskaSvenska Registered User regular
    edited April 2010
    Could this be a game that we could play on vassal? I know the warmachine thread has games going on with it...too be honest though I have no idea how vassal works.

    I've got some models headed my way, but besides my fiance, I'm not sure who else I can play.

    Since your name means "swedish" in swedish, I just assumed you were, ya know, swedish.

  • MorskittarMorskittar Registered User regular
    edited April 2010
    I've never touched Vassal and am very busy, but I'd be willing to give it a try at some point.

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