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What is PAX?

Ashley SparksAshley Sparks Registered User
edited September 2012 in Archives
PAX Site wrote:
Whatever your obsession, chances are good that we will have something to interest you - it only starts with rooms for tabletop gaming, and a robust LAN rocking the newest Unreal Tournament or Battlefield games. Linked consoles for Mario Kart, Crimson Skies or Splinter Cell. Want to hear how to break into the industry? Stop by one of our many industry panels. Want to pitch your game ideas to the pros? This is also something we have.

Maybe you'd like to actually get your hands on some of the things they showed at E3. That's something we can hook up. Maybe you would like to hear rock bands perform interpretations of console hits. We have that as well. You might be wondering if there will be a full screening of the Red Vs. Blue DVD. Yes!

In short, there was an event we wanted to go to that did not yet exist. We decided to fix that.


someone had to make a thread on this :P

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