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Here Lies Philip J. Fry, named for his uncle, to carry on his spirit.

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hey guys so remember that other show that matt groening made that wasn't the simpsons?

that's right, it was called FUTURAMA!

so here's the cast in case you forgot for some reason!

Philip J. Fry


Born in 1974, Fry is an average, thoroughly unremarkable loser in his mid 20s pizza delivery boy who, during the last few seconds of the year 1999, accidentally falls into a cryogenic freezing tank while delivering pizza on a prank call. He subsequently remains frozen for 1,000 years, finally thawing out on the last day of the year 2999, where he meets the one-eyed career officer Turanga Leela, and a cigar smoking, booze fueled, kleptomaniac robot Bender. Together, they are employed by Fry's great (x30) nephew, the senile and demented old scientist Prof. Hubert J. Farnsworth, as the spaceship crew of his delivery company. In his old life Fry had an older brother Yancy, a dog Seymour, and a girlfriend Michelle who dumped him in the first episode "Space Pilot 3000", just before he was frozen. His increasing knowledge of the future also allows him to serve as an audience surrogate as he needs many new concepts explained to him.

Turanga Leela

Originally a career placement officer for new defrostees at a cryogenics lab in the year 2999, Leela quit her job after meeting Philip J. Fry, a defrostee from 1999, and Bender, a high-tech job-deserting girder bending robot. Together they are employed as the crew for Planet Express, an intergalactic delivery business run by Hubert J. Farnsworth. Leela serves as captain of the Planet Express Ship, proving herself to be a skilled officer and often rescuing her less-talented coworkers from peril.

Bender Bending Rodríguez

Bender serves as a member of Hubert J. Farnsworth's delivery crew, being the chef for the often long trips through space to deliver goods for Planet Express. He is one of Fry's closest friends, though the relationship is often one sided. Bender is a heavy drinker, smoker, and gambler and has been known as "pure evil". Bender often shows signs of sociopath-like behavior, as he is a pathological liar, and rarely shows empathy towards anyone. He has a mostly voluntary morality and constantly steals, ranging from the petty theft of wallets to much higher crimes like kidnapping Jay Leno's head due to their long feud and stealing Fry's blood. Bender is a robot built by Mom's Friendly Robot Company at its plant in Tijuana, Mexico.

He is a Bending-Unit 22, serial number 2716057, and chassis number 1729. He weighs about five hundred and twenty five pounds.[4] He was created for the task of bending metal girders for the construction of suicide booths. Bender attended Bending State University, where he majored in Bending and minored in Robo-American studies. He was also a member of Epsilon Rho Rho ('ΕΡΡ' is shown as 'ERR' in the episode Mars University) (a.k.a. Robot House), a robot fraternity; here he gained notoriety for one night in which he chugged ten kegs of beer, streaked across campus, and stuffed fifty-eight people into a telephone booth (many of which were children).

Hubert J. Farnsworth

The Professor is a self-described mad scientist. The creators of the show named him after electronic television inventor Philo Farnsworth, giving him the same first name as University of California Philosophy professor Hubert Dreyfus, of whom early writer and producer Eric Kaplan is a former student. The Professor is a senile, amoral, deranged, and unpredictable old man with a gift for creating doomsday devices and atomic supermen. He has put at least one parallel universe in peril with his inventions and created dozens more (see The Farnsworth Parabox).

The Professor teaches at Mars University and has worked for Momcorp on several occasions, but spends most of his time inventing ridiculous devices and coming up with suicide missions for his crew. While at Momcorp, he fell in love with the CEO, Mom, only to leave her and Momcorp when she decided to weaponize his "Q.T. McWhiskers" toy, an anthropomorphic cat toy that shot rainbows from its eyes. What he is a professor of goes unexplained, as he demonstrates mastery of whatever field of science is convenient for the given episode's plot.

Dr. John A. Zoidberg

Zoidberg is the company doctor at Planet Express. Although he claims expertise in human medicine, particularly internal medicine, his knowledge of human anatomy and physiology is negligible. For example, he cannot tell the difference between robots and humans (or human males and females), believes food is digested in the heart and that humans have multiple mouths and a dorsal fin. His only knowledge of humans seems to come from television advertisements, although his skills as a physician generally vary; in "Put Your Head on My Shoulder" he managed to successfully transplant Fry's head onto Amy's body after an accident left Fry's normal body fatally injured, but in "Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder" he incorrectly declared Fry dead only for him to wake up a few seconds later. In the episode "Parasites Lost", due to his incompetence as a physician, he comes to the conclusion that Fry, who is frequently injured, is a hypochondriac, an accusation he makes when Fry sits before Zoidberg with a lead pipe through his chest. He claims he lost his medical degree in a volcano in "A Clone of My Own". He is looked down upon by coworkers, with Bender saying he is "desperately poor and miserably lonely", and Leela disputing this, saying that his loneliness is due to his being "hideous".

Hermes Conrad

Hermes is a grade 34 bureaucrat from Jamaica. He manages the Planet Express delivery business with responsibilities that include paying bills, giving out legal waivers, and notifying next of kin. He is an uptight workaholic (Hermes is disappointed by the fact that he is anal only 78.36% of the time and became upset when he wouldn't allow himself to have Valentine's Day off). This character trait was first noticed when he was two years old, when a hurricane hit Kingston and threw his alphabet blocks out of order. More stereotypically, he is a Rastafarian, as seen by his invoking Jah in "How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back". Fry also refers to him as a "Rastafarian Accountant" to which Hermes replies, "Tally me Banana".

Amy Wong

Amy comes from a very rich Chinese family; her parents [Inez and Leo] own the entire western hemisphere of Mars and her sorority was Kappa Kappa Wong (ΚΚ王). Amy's stereotypically Asian meddling mother and father frequently pressure her to get married and give them grandchildren, which she is not eager to do. They are often shown to be rather unkind to their daughter, including an incident where Amy's father repeatedly made fun of her for being fat as a child ("Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles").
On the show, Amy is known for being somewhat shallow, kind, and ditzy. When Doctor Zoidberg had lost his mind due to hormones, she is fooled multiple times into untying him, despite the dangers. As she said herself "Fool me 7 times shame on you, fool me 8 or more times shame on me." She uses Martian slang, which is simply American slang with altered consonants, such as "Guh" (duh) or "Shman" (man). Amy tends to wear rather provocative outfits. Her standard outfit is a midriff baring pink sweatshirt and matching sweatpants, anything that reveals her belly button.

Zapp Brannigan

Brannigan is a senior member of the military of the Democratic Order of Planets (D.O.O.P.) though his title varies; he has been referred to as a "25 star General", Captain, Rear Brigadier, "General Major Webelo", and Commodore 64. He is arrogant, incompetent, chauvinistic, cocky, vain, and painfully stupid. Kif Kroker is Brannigan's beleaguered lieutenant and personal assistant, as well as his scapegoat when things go wrong.
Brannigan envisions himself a "ladies' man", but is clueless in matters of romance. On first meeting Leela in "Love's Labours Lost in Space" she ends up having pity sex with him; This is later revealed to be his first, and for some time after, only sexual encounter. He invariably mentions this encounter in later episodes. He remains convinced that Leela lusts after him and will eventually return to him, despite her (often literally) violent opposition to the idea. His overconfidence in this is such that he does not hesitate to hit on other women, even in Leela's presence. He is also frequently seen with female companions who are obviously prostitutes, or even men in drag. Brannigan has expressed on several occasions his fondness for being choked and spanked by strong women, though during an encounter with the warrior-women of the planet Amazonia ("Amazon Women in the Mood"), his personal limits were rapidly met and exceeded.

Lieutenant Kif Kroker

He is the long suffering assistant to Captain Zapp Brannigan and Fourth Lieutenant on the Democratic Order of Planets (DOOP) starship Nimbus. His frustration with Brannigan's arrogance and general incompetence in Season 1 leads him to be a disaffected, indifferent, sardonic lackey, although his personality differs greatly in later seasons. Zapp thinks Kif to be his best friend and loyal confidant, whereas Kif sees him as an incompetent jerk.

pretty obvious i nabbed the descriptions from wikipedia!

anyway, the show was canceld a while back and a bunch of people got all bummed, so later they came out with some futurama movies (which i personally don't think were as good, but maybe you think otherwise). and now it's coming back on the air on comedy central on JUNE 24TH AT 10PM so please be sure to watch it!

let's regurgitate quotes and remember our favorite futurama moments and call me an asshole for using one of the saddest lines in the series as this topic's title!

crwth on


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