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[DnD 4E] A Point of Light - Act IV: The New World



  • dresdenphiledresdenphile Watch out for snakes!Registered User regular
    Thanks for the game, susan!

  • AnialosAnialos Collies are love, Collies are life! Ask me about them!Registered User regular
    Sad to see this game go. It was an interesting read, and Mr. Tumnus would have loved to participate!

    Dichotomy wrote: »
    I play a lot of video games but I wouldn't call myself a "gamer" because "gamer" has become a pretty fucking disgusting label

    like "skinhead" or "republican"
  • dresdenphiledresdenphile Watch out for snakes!Registered User regular
    edited December 2011
    Edit: Whoops, put this in the wrong thread.

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