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Stupid dog! (Courage the cowardly dog DVD)

Ruby RhodRuby Rhod Multipass!Registered User regular
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Didn't see this posted anywhere else [tiny]and Larlar said I could[/tiny], but guess what is finally coming to the US in July?



I know Australia already has season 1 and 2 DVD's, but who cares about you? This is for us!

Created by John R. Dilworth, Courage the cowardly dog is one of, if not the best cartoons ever. It aired from 99-02, and was the story of Courage overcoming his fear of everything to save his owner/love Muriel (and sometimes Eustace).

First, our hero.

Courage just wants to live a quiet peaceful life on the farm with Muriel, but unfortunately he has to deal with crazy barbers, villainous foxes and even dastardly ducks!

Muriel is courage's mother figure, as he was abandoned as a pup. She is constantly being abducted/experimented on/changing personality due to her good nature and gullibility.

Eustace is Muriel's husband, and all around rude dude when it comes to Courage, chores, Egyptian relics (unless he finds out they're valuable) and... well, pretty much everything.

The villains (not all listed)

Katz, Courage's arch-nemesis and prolific con man, he constantly try's to trick Muriel and Eustace into using his services, and enjoys a bit of sport with Courage.

Cajun Fox! He loves to cook [tiny]people![/tiny]

Benton Tarantella is a zombie movie director. Also murderer.

Freaky Fred. Let's just say he feels a little naughty.

The snowman. Cursed by global warming, he wants to take the north pole elsewhere. Also has a classy Scottish accent.

And of course, Le Quak! A french con man, no prison can hold him.

For King Riptor we have
Alien chicken. Attacks the family with his laser gun to make them chickens.

Collage of some funny moments from the show:

This show also had some ridiculously awesome music
I am very excited, and can't believe it has taken this long to get even the Season 1 DVD here, hopefully it won't be too long for the rest.

And for those of you who don't like courage, I only have one thing to say:


Ooga booga booga!

Ruby Rhod on


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