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NevillePAX Oh-Ten

sarukunsarukun GornlordInterplanetary InsanitariumRegistered User regular
edited May 2010 in Singularity Engine++
Well, friends, it's that time again.

Everyone's favorite (favourite?) dapper dandy, man-about-town Neville has up and moved his place of residence temporarily to Irvine, California! This being the case, it seemed like the perfect excuse to get together and have some times.

So! This coming Saturday, I will be escorting your favorite pastry chef and mine to a Japanese/Asian Fusion restaurant close to my place of business, Tokyo Table that I have been known to frequent from time to time. If you guys are available on Saturday around 9pm, I would be very much obliged if you would come on down and help me welcome Neville to SoCal good and proper.


I have to make a reservation and it helps if I know how many people there will be! And by "helps" I mean it's absolutely necessary!

sarukun on


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