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Debate and Discourse: AWESOME POST in "[INTERNET DATING] Adventure Time!", by Malkor

SipexSipex Registered User
Sipex has reported a post.

It reads better if you imagine it with a British accent.
Post: [INTERNET DATING] Adventure Time!
Forum: Debate and Discourse
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retrovm wrote: »
rule number 1 when messaging girls: don't wear your boner on your sleeve.

actual example from my inbox just now:

"I'm [redacted]. I hope this doesn't sound too corny but it's how I feel. When I look in your eyes it's as if I see everything I desire and have longed for. Just when I've started wondering why I've joined this site I look at you and it all becomes clear. I'm just so happy I've finally found you. But I guess it has to be a mutual feeling. So if I'm not too ugly for you and meet your expectations get back to me."

WHAT THE ACTUAL. who says that?!

Mojo_Jojo wrote: »
I don't think his message was creepy. It was a bit odd but it wasn't creepy. Shit, it kinda half-worked since it got your attention. And it's not like he said "I wanna smell your hair." or something like that.

We may have just identified why you're having so little success.
No you haven't. I don't send messages that read like Civil War love letters.

Posted by: Malkor
Original Content:
My Dearest XxMaryCorexX,

The photographs of you putting a mustachioed finger to your lips gives me the greatest pleasure. Work is hard, but I remain gay. If you would send me scantily clad pictures it would lift my spirits to the heaven. Enclosed are impressions of my wang.

Sipex on
Horseshoe wrote:
I've got good news and bad news about 6th level, That Guy. The good news is that Forbiddance spell allows you to prevent enemies different alignment from entering a consecrated area, which is actually useful! The bad news is that the only other new sixth level spell makes lunch for everybody. Guess which one the party is going to expect you to cast.


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