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Your favorite Snacky foods?

maximumzeromaximumzero I...wait, what?New Orleans, LARegistered User regular
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So, hey D&D, I gots a question for you ladies and gentlemens.

When you're in the snacky mood, what do you go for? Chips? Nuts? Jerky? Something else completely?

Just curious.

For the last couple of months I find myself going for Corn Nuts. Something about 'em is really good, and I can't quite pinpoint what. The Limon flavor is my favorite, but Chile Picante, Ranch, and Barbecue flavors are awesome as well.



For beverages, I find myself generally going for Vitamin Water. It's still got sugar in it, yeah, but it tastes like something and I don't feel all nasty and bloaty afterwards.


So what's your snacky favorites?

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