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New GOP site asking for ideas for their platform.

CommunistCowCommunistCow Registered User regular
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Funniest thing since sliced bread.

Poe's law wins this site.

Some hilarious ideas include:
"Deport my dog. His English is terrible."
"I want to build Brick Ovens to extract oil from the oil shale that infests this country. We would never have to buy overseas oil again."
"Make all government employees (including Congress) ride exercise bicycles hooked up to power generators."
"We need to keep God in the classrooms. He watches over all our children and we need to spoon feed them his love from a young age. Praise be to Thor! May his mighty hammer smite our enemies!"
"Subsidize the sealing industry. I want to see it in our school lunch programs. Our kids deserve seal."
"There are too many states these days, please eliminate three."

The internet wins.

Remember guys: No raiding (Forum rules and all). This thread is to post hilarious shit that is already on the site and to mock them horribly.

CommunistCow on
No, I am not really communist. Yes, it is weird that I use this name.


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