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Name That Bug? [Solved]

PolloDiabloPolloDiablo Registered User regular
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Ok, this feels stupid but I don't know what kind of bug this is. I've seen a couple inside, and I'm hoping it's not something that'll cause problems. So I chased one down and caught it in a bottle of water I was drinking, hoping to identify it. But other sites seem to expect me to know more than I do. I took pictures, but it's got six legs, looks to have two sets of wings. It's small, only like an inch long. It doesn't seem to be able to fly too well, but it moves pretty fast on foot. It can stand on the water in the bottle, but I don't know if that's tough for bugs or not. Can anyone tell me what this one is?


edit: I should add that I'm just north of Baltimore, Maryland, in the USA. It's the start of summer here.

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