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Leave in new york

Limp mooseLimp moose Registered User regular
edited June 2010 in Help / Advice Forum
So it looks like I will be spending July 25th-30th in New york city. I have only been there once and it was for about 12 hours. I did not really do any touristy stuff beside watch a baseball game and drink my face off. This time I am going to be there for the 4 days so I should have time to actually go out and see things. What are some good things to see?

So far my list just from stuff I have seen on TV are

Statue of Liberty,
The Met
I want to see a Broadway show and maybe something in Carnegie hall.
Time square
Maybe go to a taping of the tonight show
eat pizza
Go to some fancy pants night clubs
central park
the villiage (i am not even really sure what this is. But it looked cool when don draper goes.)

As for hotels I have free stays at the Hyatt so i will probably stay there for some of the nights. But what are some good hotels that people have stayed in? Money isn't really an issue but location is. I don't want to have to travel a ton to get to the action.

Really any advice at all about cool stuff to do in new york would be appreciated it. And if anyone wants to meet up that is all cool to. This is going to be my first time back in the states in over a year.

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