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2010 WORLD CUP - Uruguay vs BRRRRRRRRRRR 2:30 pm EST, Schedule and Streams in the op

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World Cup 2010 Final Round of Qualification and Playoffs!

World Cup Finals Draw and Schedule



U.S. TV Schedule

ASimPerson wrote: »
Below is the entire World Cup group rounds schedule, with times posted in Eastern time and the appropriate US TV station.

Since I know that there are many PA readers in the UK and Australia, here's how to translate:
EDT is UTC-4
British Summer Time is UTC+1
Australian EST is UTC+10

So for each common start time:
7:30 AM EDT = 12:30 PM BST = 9:30 PM AEST
10:00 AM EDT = 3:00 PM BST = 12:00 AM AEST (+1 day)
2:30 PM EDT = 7:30 PM BST = 4:30 AM AEST (+1 day)

Live Streaming Sites

ESPN 3 is the online streaming version of the popular sports network in the U.S.A. Their upcoming live streaming schedule includes the kick-off on June 10th, the opening ceremonies on June 11th followed by the FIFA World Cup matches. According to the NY Times, ESPN 3 will be streaming all 64 games.

ESPN Mobile TV will be streaming the kick-off, opening ceremonies and 56 world cup matches including semifinals and final to Sprint customers on the new HTC EVO smartphone, according to MarketWatch.

CBC Sports is Canada's national public broadcaster. The CBC Sports website states "Between June 11th and July 11th 2010 watch every game streamed LIVE on".

Optus is the #2 Australian telecommunications carrier and will be live streaming 2010 World Cup matches for free to customers with compatible 3G mobile devices.

TVU Networks is a live streaming Internet TV platform and, according to Ask MetaFilter, should be carrying the 2010 World Cup.

BBC Sport states that "All BBC matches will be available to watch live online in high quality video" according to this article, which also contains a schedule of which matches are on the BBC and which will be on iTV.

iTV is the biggest commercial television network in the UK. According to their FIFA World Cup Live description they will have select content from all 64 games, and be broadcasting live any matches that iTV carries.

Online not so official streams:

World Cup Bracket Predictions and Pick-Em
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