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Re: [Mini - Phalla] Hunter - Praise Caine! [Mafia Victory]

LoserForHireXLoserForHireX Registered User regular
edited June 2010 in Critical Failures

Clayton, New Mexico is a small town. Tourists come through sometimes from Texas. It's a town where all the residents know each other, or think they do. When the first body, that of Cindy Smith, was found just outside of town, there was a town wide mourning. A week later, Mark Grady went missing. Two days after that, his body was seen in the morning hanging from a light post in the middle of town. No one could figure out how he got up there. What's weirder is that his body was found entirely drained of blood. Suddenly, everyone was talking.

“It was Pete, there was that night...”

“The Hernandezes are always making those weird noises...”

“I ain't seen Joe in church for a month...”

George MacElroy was the first person to be accused of the murders. He lived on the outskirts of town, and everyone always thought he was a bit strange. George was arrested and held in the town jail. It only took one day for a mob to form outside the building, and instead of starting a riot, the Sheriff stood by and allowed the town to hang George. Then Esmerelda Gutierrez was taken in the night from her home. Her body was found partially dismembered the next day and set in front of the statue in the town square. Things have quickly spiraled out of control. It's mob rule now.

Rebecca Sutherland and her two kids tried to leave town and her van was found not far away, with blood and gore caking the inside. Painted on the side of the van was “Don't run.” Randall Smith tried to leave on foot. His body was found nailed to his front door, his feet severed. Running isn't an option. A few tourists have come through town, but most of them have left quickly. Frightened animals can sense danger it seems.

You are the mob. Find the person or persons responsible for these grisly murders. You can't count on the Sheriff to do this, you have to do it yourselves.

What's going on here

A mini phalla, for 25 people

Phalla? Sounds like phallic

Yes, it does. The forum's version of the party game, Mafia. See here for more details. General rules apply, including no anonymous contact between players, direct quoting of role PMs, etc. I don't care about paraphrasing role PMs. If you set up an off-site proboard, please PM me the link to it.

Every day you must vote for a player who you wish to have eliminated. Please !vote in red and !retract in lime. Retractions are not necessary; only your last vote will be counted.

Days will end at 6pm PDT so as to embrace our GMT friends

Mechanical Considerations

So, this being my second phalla, I am getting a little crazy. There are many different roles in this phalla.

Activity Requirements

Two posts per day, including one post for voting. Make it happen. There will be replacement upon one night of inactivity.

Player List

1. Aegis
2. Ringo - Beaten to death by an enraged woman
3. Dunadan019 - Head Squished
4. Extermatott - Beaten by the mob
5. Jdarksun - Executed by the mob
6. Mr. Defecation
7. Lucedes - Throat ripped out and crushed by rebar
8. OptimusZed
9. Capfalcon - Neck snapped
10. TheLawinator - Put into a coma
11. garroad_ran
12. The Anonymous
13. Toxic Toys - Smited
14. Fiaryn - Crushed by a thrown car
15. JaysonFour - Killed by the mob
16. Ultarune
17. Orange Soda - Beaten by the motel man,assaulted by an enraged woman
18. Arivia - Organ's removed and hung on a wall
19. Cj Iwakura
20. His Corkiness - Lynched by the town
21. Hippie - beaten by an enraged woman
22. Erich Zahn - Replaced by Rawkking Goodguy
23. Minor Second - Dismembered by hand
24. Samurai6966 - Head removed
25. Cynic Jester


1. Alegis
2. Rawwking Goodguy

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