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The Easily Identifiable NFL Thread [Season starts today, set your line-ups!]

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So the National Football League is fun. We should have a thread for it.

Not much happening right now of course. Well there's some stuff I suppose.


Bengals Cedric Benson being arrested for assault.

Steelers RT Willie Colon most likely out for the season.

Steve Smith to miss training camp after breaking his arm playing flag football.

Albert Haynesworth still a giant overpaid sack of entitlement.

The Lions might be on track to win several games.

Who the hell is going to be the QB in Arizona?

What fantasy leagues are going to be running this year? Will they be traditional Yahoo or perhaps the new glitzy overproduced NFL leagues?

How thankful will Bradford be that he can hand that ball to Stephen Jackson?

Will Colt Mcoy see any game time? (Probably not.)

Why would anyone sign Delhomme? Or Bulger for that matter.

Will L.T Jet it up or be a flop?

The Bears have made some big moves, but the important question still looms. Will Doucheface McDouche break the interception record this season?

Speaking of Douchefaces, Jimmy Clausen. There's a face you just wanna punch.

People are excited about the Redskins! That's what I am being told.

Tim Tebow!




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