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PC Game Tourneys

Red Machine DRed Machine D __BANNED USERS
edited September 2012 in Archives
What tournaments will be offered as far as PC gaming goes? I'd love to see a 4v4 Counterstrike tourney go on.

Moe Fwacky on
Fencingsax wrote:
Death metal hippies: BLARRRGRH!!! PEACE MAN!!11!


  • TheFigmentTheFigment Registered User
    edited April 2004
    I'd like to see Starcraft......

    Me a big Blizzie fan :D

    I am just a Figment of your imagination.....
  • jp182jp182 Registered User regular
    edited April 2004
    i'd like to see a Splinter Cell Tournament on the PC and a Onslaught Tournie

  • Mouse RecoilMouse Recoil Registered User
    edited April 2004
    Call of duty4win.

    Also wouldn't mind some u2 xmp action going on, but sadly noone plays that much anymore :roll:

  • FallFall Registered User
    edited April 2004
    At day-long LAN events like this you really can't have major team tournaments. 1v1 is the way to go, as it's fast, but still showcases skill which is the only reason to even have a tournament. Tournaments aren't about having a winner or loser (otherwise you might as well hold a tournament for rock paper scissors), but about skilled individuals or teams facing off. Most day events seem to forget that, and offer up "tournaments" that tend to resemble public server cluster-f*cks.

    Day events (like this) and team games just don't mix well and tend to become very disorganized as you're dealing with a whole lot of teams made up of people who never have played much together and really aren't good at the game. Counter-Strike is the only exception due to it's massive popularity and long track record of competitive events, but I don't think Counter-Strike is a big draw for the folks who will be attending.

    1v1 is the way to go, you bring yourself and you're good to go. UT2004 and Warcraft 3 can be hosted on the competitor's systems if needed, so no server admins or rigs are needed which always saves time. Of course, for 1v1 on the PC you're not given many choices. UT2004 and Warcraft 3 are the only real options for skilled play. For console, you've got Soul Calibur 2, and probably Mario Kart. Board / table top games tend to involve a lot of people who don't know how to play (and even more who think they do, but don't), or games that really take way too much time to cram a tournament into a day-long event. Probably best just to leave those as open play sessions.

    Just a bit of advice. Don't let Lanwerx handle the tournaments, or if you do make sure that they get their acts together and outline schedules and rules ahead of time. Oh, and if they suggest bringing in computers for the competitors to play on, make sure that they test them before the tournaments begin to ensure things work as they should. Last time I went to a LAN that had them handling things, major things went wrong and well... I sometimes wake up in a cold sweat screaming "my keyboard doesn't work!"

    If you can't manage 1v1 or team tournaments with reasonably competitive rules, don't bother with them. If schedules aren't going to be strictly enforced, don't bother with them. Free for all tournaments are just a waste of time for everyone involved. Late tournaments are a waste of time for everyone and cause problems for anything else you have planned.

  • mojomonkeemojomonkee Registered User
    edited April 2004
    there is something decadently delicious about hauling my rig all the way to bellevue to play yahoo pool over a LAN.

    Q: Mac or PC?

    A: Um, we like to play games.
  • RohaqRohaq Registered User regular
    edited April 2004
    jp182 wrote:
    i'd like to see a Splinter Cell Tournament on the PC and a Onslaught Tournie
    Hmm, you know what'd be cool? Having a local UT2004 LAN game going on, with an external net connection so people can join the game from the net, that way some of us who can't make the expo can still join in... somehow.

    Not a tournie of course, since you'd have external players; just a LAN party style game :)

    No doubt this idea will be ripped to shreds.

    Go for it. ;)

  • DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
    edited April 2004
    TheFigment wrote:
    I'd like to see Starcraft......

    Me a big Blizzie fan :D

    Meh, if they show blizzard games for tournys, it'll probably be W3:FC. That game rocks.

    [edit] If I go, I would love to take my rig, but it's quite big, and I would be flying to Seatlle. Btw, my rig is an Alienware (large case) and it includes:

    -P4 3.2 800mhz FSB
    -1 gig of pc-3200
    -Audigy 2
    -GeForce FX 5900 Ultra 256
    -Samsung Cd-rw 52x/24x/52x DVD 16x combo

    it's 31337 :twisted:

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