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Are these video artifacts or just seems in textures/geometry?

ButtcleftButtcleft Registered User regular
Occasionally while playing a game, I'll see small flashes of white dots.

They are not so much "in" my screen as in flat corruption on the screen, as they are in the world geometry. As of late it has grown to a concern for me.

What has consoled me as of late, that it might just be texture/seeming issues of the game rather than issue with my video card is that they usually appear in the same vacinity and appear/disappear as I move, rather than being on the screen all the time.

I seek your help in determining if this is just issues with the texture/geometry or the engine itself of certain video games and thus harmless, or if this sounds like a much bigger (read:expensive) problem.

Buttcleft on
that's it, I'm shutting this entire forum down, everyone thank buttcleft


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