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The Social Entropy Weekender

bsjezzbsjezz Registered User regular
edited July 2010 in Singularity Engine++

In Aukland, New Zealand, the clock strikes five PM. Tipsy office workers down the last of their Friday beers and meander to their buses and trains. Retail staff check and recheck the time, wondering if it's too soon to roll up the shutters and call it a day. Amatuer gourmets maraud the greengrocer's shelves in anticipation of the feasts to be conjured up. The weekend, for them as much as anyone else, is about preparation.

Whether it's the height of the beating summer or the midst of rain-slick winter, the weekend is at hand and that means - for the lucky majority - a bit of freedom. Freedom for adventure, for relaxation, for feats of absentminded creativity or hard work at a personal passion. Time to be a social darling or time to be decidedly, happily alone. Time that for whatever unknowable reason feels implicitly, supernaturally... better.

Tell us what you're doing! Share your grand plans or miserable failures, Saturday parties or Sunday blues. For some of us the weekend starts now; for the rest, you don't have long to wait.

I'm in the mood for gettin' ready.

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