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A Child Dying In Horrible Ways

DidgeridooDidgeridoo Registered User regular
edited July 2010 in Singularity Engine++
This thread title is awfully sensationalist. I am just so excited about this game. I was acting out, and for this I apologize.

But we should totally be talking about this game that features a child dying in horrible ways!


Limbo is a game by PlayDead Studios that is being released for the Xbox Live Arcade on July 21st. It will cost 15 U.S. dollars, which translates to 1200 Microsoft FakeBux. A few things we can discern from the trailer: it features a little boy. It has stark black and white visuals. It is unsettling.


The first reviews from gaming magazines are out, and the one I happen to have access to is the corporate shill of a magazine, GameInformer!
As you enter its world, it has that unusual quality of a dream that is slowly transforming itself into a nightmare.... There is no music.... Each time you think you have a grip on where you are, who is chasing you, or even the nature of the world, everything changes.... The only constant is the extreme peril.


I think it will be great. Anyone else looking forward to it? Or perhaps you think it will suck balls. Tell me your opinions. I crave them

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