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How Titillating! How Risqué!

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Okay, not really.

But every so often, we hear a song, or watch a scene in a film or a TV show, or even see a piece of art, and it connects straight to our libido in a visceral although hopefully not embarrassing way.

I don't particularly want to know the songs you fuck to (the Benny Hill theme, I assume), or what you watch when you jerk off (horse porn, obviously). But I'm curious about those songs or moments in media that really make you think, "Yes, that is damn sexy." The ones that send an involuntary thrill up your spine when you first hear or see them. The ones that make you dance in a provocative manner in the middle of your workout, creating awkward feelings in all those who witness your gyrations.

It can be music!


Or it could be a moment of tension between two characters in a movie!


What's the cultural item - song/art/scene/interpretive dance/whatever - that revs your engine?

Enlighten me, assuming you can do so without having the federal government surrounding your home.

E: NO RANGERING ALLOWED, so help me I will find you and do unpleasant things to your front porch

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"Sandra's favourite movie is escape from new York because she cries when magpie and brain die because they will never be together." HAIL SATAN


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