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[Conversion On!] Traveller -> Mass Effect

delrolanddelroland Registered User regular
edited July 2010 in Critical Failures
Okay, so I love Mass Effect, yet am disappointed with the lack of a PnP version of it. Looking at Traveller, by Mongoose Publishing (now), I feel its ruleset has great potential in being converted for Mass Effect.

The purpose of this thread is first to gauge interest in such a project (as it is WAY too much work for me to finish on my own), and second to start work towards a full conversion of Traveller to Mass Effect.

My idea for format is that we will select one topic each week to develop, each of us debating possible rules for that topic before coming to a consensus. For example, the topic one week might be the Asari, on which we as a community develop the rules and stat blocks for creating an Asari character, and whether the race should be available for PC's or solely NPC's.

Anyone interested?

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