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Wrestling: William Regal does a Creepily Accurate Goldust Impression

Sweeney TomSweeney Tom Registered User regular
edited September 2010 in Social Entropy++
you got this guy as WWE Champ


the nexus fucking shit up on Raw


minus the small guy 3rd from left

kane actually holding a singles title on Smackdown


and in TNA


let's just say we no longer care


that's part of the reason why

discuss wrestling here, especially how much you hate michael cole, and if it's not a lot, then you must be deaf! lucky you

or the most awesome game in history


if you preorder it now, you get a free mask worn by this guy


yes that is La Parka, and he is playing a chair while wearing a sombrero

why he is not signed to WWE/TNA currently remains a mystery

same with these guys


Sweeney Tom on
Who cares what anyone else says or thinks of you? At the end, how big you smile, how hard you dance, matters. Sounds like a victory to me.


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