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I am a cool guy and I like to do cool things

I am fashion forward. if popping collars is cool, popping 7 collars is like 10 times as cool.


a healthy tan is cool too. it lets people know you appreciate the great outdoors and spend time hiking.


if you are going to have a beard, it is important to keep that shit trim and well-groomed. I like to play tower defense with my beard. also, DIOR


ladies like when you use them as weights. I do not know why this is.


if you lift a lot of women you will develop bulges in your arms. moving your arms in certain ways will cause these bulges to be bulgier. it is a cool way to let people know that you are fit.


also I think people understand that when you have a nice car you may need to create a bubble of protection around it. it is a good idea to get a license plate with your car emblem on it, though, to alleviate any confusion about WHAT KIND OF CAR IS THIS OH A BMW.



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