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Debate and Discourse: AWESOME POST in "dbag [chat]", by Organichu

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it pretty much speaks for itself
Post: dbag [chat]
Forum: Debate and Discourse
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Posted by: Organichu
Original Content:
i had a few roommates but the two i grew kind of close to were sam and matt


matt was like, the son a mother would want

he was good looking, he ran every morning, he never skipped class, he had a 4.0, he went on to become an RA, a tour guide for the campus, and like a dozen other club things and all. we had a church right on campus and he even went into manhattan every week because he preferred a more traditional service, with latin. not my soulmate or anything, but a good, reliable guy.

...except he believed in santa claus.

i remember the day clearly because it was the same day the knicks went into triple OT versus the grizzlies. matt was sleeping because he actually cared about class, and everyone was in our room being incredibly loud and boisterous, watching the game. matt kept rolling around and all, and a few times i asked sam to keep them quiet but he was the king of boisterousness. and then then the knicks won and everyone was screaming and somehow liquified peanut butter went everywhere (including on the tv)

finally matt snapped and screamed at everyone to get out of his room, and all of them left except sam and i (sam now chastened and apologizing)


this is all a long and unnecessary prelude to this:

now matt can't sleep so he and i are talking and he eventually goes "i know you're not religious at all but you've been pretty tolerant of my stuff. i know i talk about it a lot. i want to tell you something."

and i'm trying to figure out what he's getting at and eventually it comes out that he believes in santa clause. he swears he saw him, while wide awake and alert, flying through the sky.

and i'm sitting there trying to digest this when he goes,

"i've wanted to tell someone that for a while. i know it sounds ridiculous- but santa claus is real."

and then he rolled over and went to sleep.

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