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Mahjong - for real, not the silly Solitaire kind

VivixenneVivixenne aDAWRable!Registered User regular
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I have no idea how interesting this thread is going to be, but basically:


is a pretty neat site that lets you play various versions of Mahjong online.

You can create your own game or you can join in on the fun, and they offer a wide variety of rule variations depending on what you're familiar with. (For the record, HK rules are the one true set of rules.)

Free accounts have a daily "chip" limit of 1000, where you can play more games if you win more often, but otherwise when you run out of chips for the day, you can't play anymore until you get topped up the next day.

Mahjong Time is also kinda neat because the game tells you what the tiles are as they are being discarded, so you don't have to worry so much if you don't read Chinese.

If you're totally new to Mahjong and kinda wanna learn how to play, you can read this:

A MahJong for Beginners Class Outline (PDF) that I put together for a course I'm going to teach at a local community centre later this year.

Games go pretty quickly on that site, but if you set up your own game, you can set higher turn times so you have more time to think about what's happening. I won't have much time to play until next week, but I'm happy to help with any questions you may have (so long as it's about Hong Kong Mahjong since that's the type I've been playing all my life).

Like I said I have no idea how interested you guys are in this, but if you are, let me know what your username is on that site!

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