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Pre-Wizarding Fried Food Extravaganza! (#PWFFE)

MelesMelesMelesMeles Registered User
edited September 2010 in PAX Archive
We're currently at the upper end of the reasonable size for attendees, and cannot take extras. Please do not just show up, as it will really destroy the capacity of the places we'll be at!

For those of us who are going on the Tri-Wizarding Bar Crawl, but aren't going to the Pre-PAX dinner, we're going to meet up for some delicious fried food at the Pike Street Fish Fry. We'll meet there at 6:30 PM, and aim to be done by 7:30, so that we have some buffer time, and can make it to the bar crawl on time.

We will pick up our food at the Pike Street Fish Fry, and then wander the streets bringing mayhem and chaos to all who cross our paths :)

Pike's Street Fish Fry
925 East Pike Street
Seattle, WA

Costumes are welcome! But please, don't expecto your patronus in front of minors.
For those of us not going to the Pre-PAX dinner (due to a combination of restraining orders, an inability to behave in polite company, and late flights), we're going to meet up for fried goodness, sammiches and such at Pike's Street Fish Fry.

All are invited, though obviously Hufflepuffians are the coolest :)

They have lots of choice of fish, meat and veggie, food is $5-10. Non-carbon-based life forms are not served at this establishment.

Menu here: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_g_2heoQoMxw/SswJg4LEaaI/AAAAAAAAAF8/LgG3aKJ_CkM/s1600-h/FIsh+Fry+TOGO+Menu.jpg

If you can join the Facebook group that would be great. Either let me know there or here how many of you are planning to come, and if you sign up on the Facebook page, what your forum name is.

Attending [54]:

Maybe attending [8]:


We have booths reserved at Moe bar nextdoor. They will be handling all the food orders and pass them through to the Fish Fry. They are a chilled place, and sound perfect for what we want. Please go to Moe bar, and place your orders there. DO NOT ORDER AT THE FISH FRY, as that will mess up the system and upset all the great people who are helping make this happen.

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