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Unofficial PAX PRIME Community DVD - AVAILABLE NOW!

ColdbrewColdbrew PAX Community DVDLake Stevens, WARegistered User regular
edited September 2012 in PAX General Discussion

Too many months in the making, the Unofficial PAX Prime 2010 Community DVD is finally complete!

Click on that big download button down below to grab the torrent containing all nine DVDs that make up this set, along with disc labels for each. The total size is about 66GB, but if you know torrents at all then you are aware that you can choose to not download certain files within a torrent; in this case, certain DVDs. So we've got a list here of what you will find on each disc, in case you only want to see certain things.

If you thought we had some good concert footage from East 2010, this dwarfs it tenfold. And it's only getting better! The concerts were all filmed with anywhere from 2-4 cameras, mostly spread out amongst the front row. The footage turned out great for the most part, but unfortunately that front-most section of Benaroya produced rather horrible vocals, so we apologize for that but there was little we could do about it. The audio however has been extensively worked with, so the music still sounds pretty good!

We hope you all enjoy this, as well as look forward to our future projects. Now that we have assailed the technical problems which delayed this release for as long as it did (and now that we have doubled our post-production staff), releases will come along at a much more rapid pace. We especially look forward to Prime 2011 and East 2012, and we can't wait to get them out there for you all to see!
Disc 1
The Protomen

Disc 2
Metroid Metal
The Minibosses

Disc 3
Paul & Storm
Jonathan Coulton

Disc 4
MC Frontalot
Musical Guests Panel
All Documented Salmon Security Episodes; otherwise known as the PAX Prank!

Disc 5
Opening Keynote by Warren Spector
Penny Arcade Q&A 1
Roosterteeth panel

Disc 6
8-Bit Soundwaves: A Look into the World of Chiptune Music panel
OC ReMix panel
PAX Late Show Recording Session panel

Disc 7
Penny Arcade Make-A-Strip panel
Pitch Your Game Idea panel
Mega64 panel

Disc 8
Omegathon Round 4, featuring Rock Band on the main stage! Also the Sex Generals!
After Hours with Scott & Kris panel
Blamimations Alive! panel

Disc 9
Gabe & Tycho Media Q&A
Penny Arcade Q&A 2
Omegathon Finale / Closing Ceremony

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