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Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the Western Spiral arm of the Galaxy lies a small unregarded yellow sun.
Orbiting this at a distance of roughly ninety-two million miles is an utterly insignificant little blue green planet.
Here our story of seven acts begins.


A story of...
Andrew wrote:
Andrew wrote:
Futility brought on by their own mistakes.
Are they mistakes if they have no free will? If their mistakes are the reason they exist in the first place?
Whoops, there you go, asking the Ultimate Riddle.

Why you got to be asking all these Ultimate Riddles like that???

Meteors earthbound.
My friends fighting for their lives.
Fruit gushers? Hell yes!


John, Rose, Dave, Jade


Their Guardians


The Sprites


The Exiles


The Villains


Elsewhere in paradox space, we examine another planet, forgotten by time.

But we will strive to remember. What was this planet's name?



Aradia Tavros Sollux Karkat


Nepeta Kanaya Terezi Vriska


Equius Gamzee Eridan and Feferi


The Mobster, The Femme Fatale, The Demon, The First Guardian


Weyr wrote:
The four kids in play
Mirror the twelve hostile trolls'
separate session

Their journeys began
in quite a similar way
all paradox clones

Fallen from the sky
as infants amidst space rocks
with shared destinies

To save their homeworld
they end up destroying it
for Skaia's safety

But was it worth it?
Agents and exiles settle
on their barren home

What's my point again?
I lost it some time ago.

For those of you who are just joining us, and would like to know more about the story...


The story is told as if it were a text adventure game. Each command you click underneath the comic is really just a next button. All the commands for the first year of the story were suggested by Homestuck readers on the MSPA forum. A few weeks before Homestuck's anniversary, Andrew locked all the suggestion boxes and took over command-authoring. He still gets input from the community in subtle and unpredictable ways.

If I wasn't REALLY LAZY, I would have edited each photo to include character descriptions.testmb.gif

Other Works by Andrew Hussie
Misc confusing stuff
The server user builds up the client's house.
An exile's station will appear at the server user's location. That exile will talk to the client.
For example, WV found the cork station at Rose's place and talked to John.
The station will resemble the cruxite item.

John had a blue Sassacre book, and found an aged brown copy in a safe. The brown book had an inscription from his Nanna, which we saw at the start of Act 3. At the end of act 3, Nannasprite inscribed the blue book and sent it to LOWAS. Grandpa Harley retrieved it and took it to the Veil. The blue book went back in time on a meteor and eventually became the brown book.

Rose and Dave dream on Derse and hear the gods. Aradia hears the voices of her dead ancestors. Terezi dreams on Prospit and hears her incubating lusus. Sollux hears screams of the imminently deceased and has psychic visions.
I think of trolls as being a bit like slashers/shippers, in that almost any interpersonal relationship of sufficient strength can be grounds for romance, but the nature of that relationship determines the character of the romance.

Humans have one icon to depict romance: <3

Trolls have four.

Broadly implicated: redrom = good, blackrom = not so good

Probably the closest to human romance

Moirallegiance = Moira (mythological personification of fate) + allegiance
Kyriaki wrote:
moirallegiance is about devoting yourself to someone precisely because of their faults.
Diamonds are droogs!

Zuki wrote:
trolls can conceive of a kind of emotional intimacy being implied by the necessity of mediation. Of taking two individuals that might be polarizing on their own, and forming a new stable triad. Takes at least three legs to create a stable base for a table, stool, or chair. And it has to be something that all three parties are willing to engage in, like a negotiation.

Kismesis = kismet + nemesis
The troll equivalent of an arch nemesis, tied to some element of destiny. Nemesis in no way associated with human concept of romance, but for trolls it apparently is. Clearly falls under blackrom category.

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