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Wordfeud for Android: Mansex not leathal enough? (now with Rematch!)

Greg USNGreg USN Registered User regular
edited April 2011 in Games and Technology

What is it?

Wordfued is a Free APP found in the Android Market. It is esentially [strike]Scrabble[/strike] err... a word making tile game that you can play with friends!

Lost of forumers are playing and I thought that it would be good to make a post for it as we are derailing the android thread.

List of players (PM me and I will add you to OP if you want to join the fun)

Format - Forum Name : Wordfeud name

Greg USN: gunnm001
Bullio: Bullio
mts : mts
Kyougu: Brownchiclets
elin: elindreada
Alegis: Alegis
lewieP: lewieP
BobCesca: BobCesa
mustachio jones: mustachio jones
colawars: colawars
Ryadic: Ryadic
kdrudy: Kyru
mare_imbrium: mareimbrium
Coltaine: Coltaine
Jragghen: Jragghen
phekno: phekno
Darmak: Darmak
vallav: vallav
grim123: grim123
C010SSUS: Colossal
Torgo: Torgodevil
Schuss: Schuss
Visti: Visti
Ayulin: Ayulin
snork: snork
RedDog: RockOnRedDog
theSquid: theSquid
Lord Yod: Lord Yod
FuriousJodo: FuriousJodo
pellaeon: pellaeon
CoJoethelawyer: CoJoethelawyer
KoopahTroopah: KoopahTroopah
Ketar: Ketar
weeskwee: weeskwee
Jaef: Jaef
evander: evander
LordHomsar: LordHomsar
Jammu: Jammu
Drake Chambers: Jubbly
strebalicious: strebalicious
godmode: godmode
Big Isy: Big isy

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