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Debate and Discourse: AWESOME POST in "[Chat]tack Dog", by Irond Will

PonyPony Registered User regular
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I am laughing at Will's pain. I invite you to also laugh at Will's pain.
Post: [Chat]tack Dog
Forum: Debate and Discourse
Assigned Moderators: Elki, ElJeffe, Irond Will

Posted by: Irond Will
Original Content:
i bought some refined chemical grade capsaicin at one point

and it was like, it had kind of a shitty industrial flavor and was suspended in a really viscous oil, but was wicked hot. like a drop or two would spice up a cauldron of soup pretty well

so i thought i'd buy a little portable spritzer/ atomizer and emulsify it with some water and use it on food

so the first time i try it, i spray a few squirts and the oils atomize and basically bounce off the food and make this choking miasma filling the room around me

blinded, tears running down my face, gagging

yep, i maced myself

Pony on


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