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[SW:TOR] Jennifer Hale voicing Trooper (Page 98)

devCharlesdevCharles Registered User regular
edited December 2010 in MMO Extravaganza
Remember this game:

It was pretty popular and stuff. It even had a sequel.

It's been 5 years since the release of Kotor 2, and Bioware has been working hard to bring you this:


Star Wars: The Old Republic is a MMORPG developed by Bioware's new MMO division in Texas set in the Old Republic era of Star Wars, 200 years after the conclusion to KotOR. You'll take one of two sides, either the Imperial or Republic side. There's a lot of interesting things about it, but first, eye candy!



Those trailers, done by Blur Studio, are pretty glorious.

SW:TOR is a massive undertaking by Bioware, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts. How massive?

It's going to cost like a hojillion dollars.

It's the size of 10 KotORs recorded back to back. 40 Novels worth, approximately.

It has a crapton of planet. One chunk of one of the planets is reportedly about the size of Kalimdor as a reference point.

It's got music for days. Original music as well as music from the movies that you know and love.

It has on rails style Combat in Spaaaace! that has been recently announced.

While the game itself has been one of the worst kept secrets ever since before it was announced in 2008, not much is known about the game itself outside of a bit of the combat and the story. The auction house, raiding, grouping, PVP, and loot systems are still pretty hard to nail down. Bioware has said that those MMO staples will be in game, but specifics are fairly hard to come by.

There are some important things we do know though.


The Beta is currently ongoing. The rules for it are pretty simple. You can tell people you're in the beta, but that's about it. While it's OK to link leaked videos/photos here, it's probably not a good idea to break any NDA on the forum, so it's best, if you're in the beta, to probably not talk about it. Leaked info has come up that we have just started a one month long beta test for some people compared to the starter zone tests that Bioware was doing before. Leaks should be incoming throughout the month.

Release Date:

There's no specific release date. The general idea is that it will be released Spring 2011. Spring 2011 starts March 20th and goes to June 20th. Chances are the open beta will be out a month before the release date if it follows similar release pattern as most MMOs.

Now that's out of the way, let's break it down for ya.









Recent News:

December 10th Update: New timeline video about the rebirth of the Sith Empire.

December 3rd Update: In depth look at crafting from one of the Game System Designers. It's more of the same from the interviews Daniel Erickson had with Darth Hater.

November 12th Update: Crew Skills section that talks about SWTORs crafting system.

November 5th Update: Crafting and Alderaan PVP zone revealed. You can also check out an awesome video of the PVP combat here. To those worried about non force users not being able to hold their own, this video shows some force users getting rocked.

October 29th Update: Imperial Agent class page updated with advanced class material and trailer.

Space Combat was just recently announced. You can see the trailer above. We're supposed to get way more information about it in a front page issue of PC Gamer.

Advanced Classes were just announced. I already put that in the class section.

Sept. 10th Update: Corellia Revealed as 15th planet.

September 24th Update: Smuggler companion revealed. Yeah, it's a wookiee. *Insert wookiee roar*

October 8th Update: Planet Ilum Revealed. Count is at 16 planets.

Relevant Links:

Darth Hater: this is basically the main fansite. They stay on top of the updates, so you don't have to go searching the internet for any glimmer of information.

The Old Republic: This is the official site. You can sign up for the beta here or wade through their media and holonet sections.

What We Know So Far: This is a post on the official forum which is a compendium of everything that is known about the game at the current moment. The guy has done a great job keeping it updated.

Story spoilers contained herein: Hands on Impressions. This is a compendium of first hand impressions from the most recent conventions regarding where the game is at in the first few levels. It has a ton of good info that has not been released officially in any capacity about the actual gameplay.

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