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Stuck In a Hole (in Chile)

CrackedLensCrackedLens Registered User regular
edited September 2010 in Singularity Engine++
This is pretty crazy.

3 weeks ago a mine collapesed in Chile, trapping 33 miners. THEY ARE STILL ALIVE. They are stuck in a 10m by 5m room. They lived this long rationing crackers and tuna and found water.

They spend their time playing cards and dominoes and planning their escape. The men have formed a democracy and have split into 3 teams: 1 in charge of contact with the surface, 1 in charge of security and safety, 1 in charge of health.

The stay in touch with families and officials above ground via items passed through a pipe 2,300 long. They just sent up a video of their cavern:

Here's the real kicker: They won't be able to get them out until around Christmas!

So SE++, what would you do if you were trapped for 4 months? What would you need to survive and maintaint your sanity? Who would you want to be trapped with? Who wouldnt you want to be trapped with?

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