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Post-PAX Tweetup! Because nobody has fun like the Twitter Shitters

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Do you plan to spend a good portion of your time at PAX pounding out 140 character messages? Will you be trying for service constantly to see where people are and what's going on? Are you going to check in to Foursquare inside a bathroom stall?

Are you a Twitter Shitter?

Those denizens of Twitter will be holding our annual post-PAX revelry, and if you've been, you know it's not a party to be missed. (Maybe just don't ask about the car bombs until after midnight, ok?) Everyone is welcome, and we use this time to encourage those have been communicating with each other all year to put faces to 40x40 avatars.

THE WHEN: 9 p.m. on Sunday after PAX, and it goes til question mark.
THE WHERE: HG Lodge, located at 722 East Pike Street. Yelp
THE WHO: all the @'s you know -- See the PAX Twitter List

The HG Lodge site does not indicate that they are open late Sunday, but I've spoken to the GM, and they will be that night. Additionally, bring your PAX badges, since they are waving cover for us til 11. No dresscode or anything crazy.

Need more incentive? Here's last year's group photo
IMG_9867 by DarkPhibre, on Flickr

Questions? Holler here, or just @ me at @Chelseabot.

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Chelseabot, fell victim Quake III, aka "Girl Killer" in 2007.


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