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Artist's Corner: AWESOME POST in "Precipice Fruit Fucker", by iSleipnir

bwaniebwanie Registered User regular
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just look at the little fucker
Post: Precipice Fruit Fucker
Forum: Artist's Corner
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Posted by: iSleipnir
Original Content:
After beating both episodes of RSPoD I knew I HAD to make one of the mechanical fruit fuckers.
I finally got my camera back so now I can show you my results! I based it mostly off of this picture by Inkthinker. I'm really happy with him, the only things I wish I could change are the length of his legs (too short) and the shape of his bulb, but I couldn't find a better one to use.

Let me know what you guys think, good or bad! There are also some in-process photos of him in my flicker account linked at the bottom.

4707443763_eb3066e052.jpg 4910767593_bea071fecc.jpg


4910767975_d5eec9c3fa.jpg 4911370692_6d2670b460.jpg
by iSleipnir, on Flickr

bwanie on


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