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[Mini] Murder Most Phalla, a tale of Sherlock Holmes - VILLAGE WIN (Day 6)

SkyCaptainSkyCaptain Registered User regular
edited September 2010 in Critical Failures
Murder Most Phalla
a Lost Tale of the Legendary Sherlock Holmes

- created by SkyCaptain w/advice from Rawkking Goodguy -
- hosted by SkyCaptain -

This is a typical mini-phalla consisting of 25 players who will take on the roles of protagonists and antagonists from the tales of Sherlock Holmes, written by Arthur Conan Doyle. As usual, the rules common in most phalla's applies here regarding pro-boards, anonymous communication, revelation f roles and abilities via screenshots, et al. Don't be a goose please. I'm a phalla-host virgin.

Sign Up in lime.
Vote in red.
Clarifications in orange.
Order of Actions: Vote > Everything Else
[b]The Cast[/b] 
 [B][strike]1 - Ringo[/strike] - Vote Day 1[/B]
 [b][color="Red"][strike]2 - Sir Fabulous[/strike] - Arrested Day 4[/color][/b]
 3 - Raneados
 [B][strike]4 - Alegis[/strike] - Mafia Day 1[/B]
 [B][strike]5 - Toxic Toys[/strike] - Mafia Day 2[/B]
 [B][COLOR="Red"][strike]6 - Dogbone33[/strike] - Vote Day 3[/color][/B]
 [b][strike]7 - Darian[/strike] - Sniped Day 3[/b]
 [b][color="palegreen"][strike]8 - kime[/strike] - Mafia Day 3[/color][/b]
 [b][color="palegreen"][strike]9 - Teucrian[/strike] - Mafia Day 3[/color][/b]
[B][strike]10 - abotkin[/strike] - Arrested Day 2[/B]
11 - Capfalcon
[B][COLOR="Red"][strike]12 - jdarksun[/strike] - Vote Day 2[/COLOR][/B]
[B][COLOR="PaleGreen"][strike]13 - ronrab[/strike] - Mafia Day 2, Serial Killer Day 2[/COLOR][/B]
[b][strike]14 - AkimboLegs[/strike] - Mafia Day 5[/b]
15 - Mr. Defecation
[B][strike]16 - Dunadan019[/strike] - Serial Killer Day 1[/B]
[B][COLOR="DarkOrchid"][strike]17 - DevoutlyApathetic[/strike] - Arrested Day 3[/COLOR][/B]
18 - enlightenedbum
[b][color="RoyalBlue"][strike]19 - daniant[/strike] - Mafia Day 4[/color][/b]
[b][color="Red"][strike]20 - The Anonymous[/strike] - Vote Day 4[/color][/b]
[b][strike]21 - durax[/strike] - Mafia Day 5[/b]
[b][strike]22 - PsychoLarry1[/strike] - Vote Day 5[/b]
[B][COLOR="palegreen"][strike]23 - Notch[/strike] - Mafia Day 1[/COLOR][/B]
[b][color="RoyalBlue"][strike]24 - Demurist[/strike] - Mafia Day 4[/color][/b]
[B][COLOR="Red"][strike]25 - jimtopia[/strike] - Serial Killer Day 3[/COLOR][/b]

[b]Stunt Doubles[/b]
 1 - Winky
 2 - CaptainPlanet82

Special Rules
There are none. This is a mostly vanilla phalla with some different, non-exclusive win conditions for different factions within the citizens and mafia. Mostly for bragging rights. :mrgreen:

Day 1 - Murder Most Foul
Day 2 - More Murders Most Foul
Day 3 - Another Murder Spree Leaves London Shaken
Day 4 - Horrific Murders Continue
Day 5 - Professor Moriarty Arrested!


1. You may only use one action each night unless otherwise specified.
2. Vote close will be at 11pm eastern, since that's what time I get to work. Narration will take between one and two hours depending on how busy I am... which is usually not very busy at all.
3. If you miss two votes, you're replaced.
4. If you don't post at least once per day, you're replaced.
5. What happens if the vote ties? Clarification denied.

Villager PM
You are...

Name: A Whore on the Streets of London, England
Faction: Citizen, Prostitute
Role: Villager
Win Condition: Remove Professor Moriarty and his criminal gang from the city by any means before they take over the streets and take a cut of your profits.

SkyCaptain on
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