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[Phalla] Phallsburgh, MA - Day 9: Village victory! Finally...

DemuristDemurist Registered User regular
edited September 2010 in Critical Failures
Welcome to the sleepy little hamlet of
Phallsburgh, Massachusetts!

The year is 1842. This little village has yet to be touched by the factories and big brick buildings of the Industrial Revolution, though the child labor laws, passed last March, are still upheld.

Phallsburghian life is primarily influenced by the local farms. There is a market, a general store, a bakery, a butcher shop, and even the candlestick maker is still in business. A new university has opened up recently nearby and the young people of Phallsburgh now have an opportunity that few have had before.

The denizens of this fair town are happy toiling about their lives the way their families have for generations. They work throughout the week and attend church service every Sunday.

Life seems perfect in Phallsburgh.

But strange things have begun to happen. Unexplainable things. Livestock has turned up dead and cut to pieces. Some citizens have started falling ill from unknown causes. And unseen vandals have been running amuck.

The people of Phallsburgh are getting restless…

This phalla uses the village v. mafia template. This game may employ some non-standard mechanics. To learn more about Phalla, click here. There is no source material for this game. Everything is an original work of yours truly.

Each day there will be a !red vote to eliminate one player. There will also be a !green vote to give a player a public seering in the following day’s narration.

Vote close is at 11:00 PM CDT.

Inactivity results in being removed from the game.

There will be no screen caps or copying of role PMs.

The host, Mr. Mayor, must be privy to all proboards.

!Sign-ups are in bold lime and they begin now.

Clarification requests in bold orange.

The player cap is 60.

Demurist on


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