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IS PIKACHU BEATING HIS WIFE??? Yes. Plus, every single new pokemon has been revealed

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Hello, I'm your host Eustace DiCarlo, and welcome to the Pokémon edition of TMZ.

Is a Pokémon race war brewing?
We have representatives from the blacks

and the whites

here to explain the cause of it all.

Also, fresh off his spousal abuse charges, is pikachu taking steroids?

We'll join our news correspondent Dick Hardwood for the story.

And finally, two new pokémon have been spotted recently!
The first is said to be a Water type, and was spotted at the Lake of Rage. Here's a picture:

The other was found in White forest! It is said to be a wood-ape type!
He has a new ability called "Blurry", which makes him extremely hard to be photographed with any aesthetic pleasure.

All that and more, on TMZ: Pokémon edition.

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