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BeastehBeasteh THAT WOULD NOTKILL DRACULARegistered User regular
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okay in one week exactly we are all going to turn into wretched husks of our former selves

one more turn, just one more

Civilization 5, motherbitches

it looks rad

e3 vid

here is the lowdown:

Main features

A new combat system (think little guys hitting each other until one side of little guys is all dead, a lá Risk)
New diplomatic interactions
World leaders will speak their native language (it is super neat hearing how they managed to figure out what ancient egyptian sounded like)
New multiplayer interface, friendlier + shinier
Religion is out. totally.
Hexagons will replace the square tile system.
The world is much livelier, featuring animated woodlands, deserts, etc.


The civilizations will have an all-new advanced AI. All opponents will have fixed characteristics. Based on this unique personality, every AI-player will have their own agenda, which the AI will use to plan how to best play to win the game. But there will also be a certain randomness to avoid having the AI be too easy to predict.

For instance, catherine the great is very likely to want to help you out and form alliances.


Cities can expand up to 3 hexes. Expansion happens once hex at a time, and expansion is automatic and favors growth tiles that provide food (grassland, wheat) rather than production tiles (forest, mountain).


No more tech trading - you will now be able to make "research deals" with other civs, in which two or more civs join together for research bonuses.
Allied Civs help you with your science, even if they research another tech
this is basically rad as fuck


You can invest money in your neighboring hexagons to speed up the expansion of your borders, for example trying to acquire an important resource before your opponent. makes going for squares a lot less risky if you have the cash to blow

Hills provide defensive and line-of-site advantages
Attacks over rivers are affected
Wounded units can hide in trees and recover! neat!


One unit will be allowed per hex. This excludes social units such as workers, who can still stack. One social and one military unit can share a tile.
Base movement rates for most "slow" units will now be two tiles per turn, not one.
The general design is meant to move units away from the cities and onto the open fields.
Some units will be allowed to hit targets from multiple hexes away, such as archers and catapults.
Ranged units will be able to provide support fire to adjacent defending units.
Units are not instantly destroyed upon losing a battle, but instead only lose some of their HP.
Units will also be able to swap positions with one another.
Combat units have a zone of control (ZOC) that slows enemy units (you have to be in war with their civilization) to one hex per turn.

You no longer have to build individual transports, but your units will automatically board transport ships upon entering the water, akin to Rise of Nations.
Ships also can only have one unit per hex.
Your transports may be free, but are also extremely vulnerable and will need to be protected by formations of ships.
The increased accessibility of naval transport is expected to make naval combat far more important.
All warships are ranged units.


The barbarians originate from a barbarian city and will get more advanced units later in the game. You need to wipe out all barbarian cities to get rid of the barbarian hordes. dudes make great scouts

The Hex System

The new hexagonal change is specifically useful in the new, improved combat system. Now you may only have a maximum of one unit in a hexagon. This includes the cities. Shafer says that Panzer General was the main inspiration for this change into a more tactical battlefield. The new system forces your units out of the cities and out into the terrain, forming natural frontlines and taking advantage of good defensive positions. it looks really natural and works well.

Social Policies++
Social policies are now a tree (motherfucking technology tree yeah!) with 10 branches, with culture accumulation allowing to select new policies and stack them with previously unlocked policies. Cultural victory is tried to unlocking a certain amount of the policies tree - after unlocking 6 full branches, it opens the Utopia Project which provides the cultural victory. Honor branch (early in gameplay) provides military bonuses, while the Commerce branch improves the amount of gold you produce. Tradition branch offers Aristocracy, which provides a 33% Wonder production bonus.

I am going to be a filthy communist


Strategic resources (say horses) no longer allow you to build unlimited mounted units, as you may only build and maintain a limited amount per found resource. If you want more mounted units, you need to acquire more horse resources. If you are allowed 5 mounted units, have 5 mounted units, and a mounted unit is killed or disbanded, you can then build one more mounted unit to replace it. If you lose access to the resource, you keep the existing units, but you have to pay additional maintenance per unit and cannot replace them.

Civilizations and leaders

George Washington of America
Otto von Bismark of Germany
Harun Al Rashid of Arabia
Wu Zetian of China
Oda Nobunaga of Japan
Julius Caesar of Rome
Napoleon Bonaparte of France (my homie)
Gandhi of India
Montezuma of the Aztecs
Queen Elizabeth of England
Askia of Songhai
Catherine of Russia (a babe)
Alexander the Great of Greece
Ramesses II of Egypt (teefs' go to guy)
Hiawatha of the Iroquois
Suleiman the Magnificent of the Ottomans
Darius of Persia
Ramkhamhaeng of Siam

ok enough talk, here's the site

more stuff

steam group

vent info is 3860 fortytwo

get talking about this wonderful fucking black hole of free time

Beasteh on


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