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Catfish: A DocuMovie About Internet Dating (Which Some People Do Here, I guess!)

FaynorFaynor Registered User regular
edited September 2010 in Singularity Engine++
so hey guys internet dating is cool, right? there are a ton of people that do it! even some people who met on here! like viv and blake! or antimatter and koshian! or FAQ and I!


but what if it doesn't go just like you think it will

Catfish is a 2010 documentary film involving a man being filmed by his friends as he builds a romantic relationship on the social networking website Facebook with an attractive girl, and the mysterious results when they all go to visit her

apparently this film is a documentary and completely true, or so the director's claim

and it had a limited release already but was brought to the mainstream because brett ratner endorsed it and I mean if the guy who made X-Men: The Last Stand ~and the rush hour movies~thinks something is good then I'm basically sold

the fact that it's supposedly "true" brings the likelihood of it becoming a slasher flick less than I'd like, but
it still looks pretty interesting


the message still needs to go out there

when you meet people on the internet




Faynor on
do you wanna see me eat a hotdog


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