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Pre-PAX Lunchtime Fried Food Extravaganza II (Sign Up NAO!) [23]

MelesMelesMelesMeles Registered User
edited March 2011 in PAX Archive
UPDATE: It is 100% confirmed that we will be hanging out with the MMT peeps from 1200-1300 :D

What: Unhealthy yummy food with PAXers
When: Thursday 1200-nom o'clock
Where: Faneuil Hall Marketplace, a.k.a. Quincy Market
Who: Us!
Twitter: @CheerfulChap and #FFE2


Market's PDF Directory here

After having so much fun organising the Fried Food Extravaganza for Prime, I've decided to get people together for another one at East.

The premise is simple: cheap food. Lots of it. Many noms.

This is a fantastic place with loads of space for us to hang out, play games, and have a great time. One of the best things about this venue is there's loads of places to get unhealthy fried food, and plenty of space for whoever wants to come. This means that, while I'll compile a list of people who are interested, you can show up on the day even if you didn't pre-arrange!

Also, there's lots of options of what to eat, and plenty of cheap choices. You grab the food from wherever you want, and then we can all sit together. Lots of flexibility, and no one place will get slammed.

Also also, this has been specially programmed and hand-crafted to ensure FULL COMPATABILITY with the Magical Mystery Tour. We will be here at the same time that they will, to ensure maximum geekitude!

Please reply below if you're interested :)

A list of awesome people:

MelesMeles on


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