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[Mini Phalla] Disney Phalla- Welcome To Yensid:: Game Over! Village Victory

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Welcome to Yensid

The trees are idyllic. The landscape is just the way you like it. Shades of gray and browns and blacks, misery and anxiety hover in the air. This is the place that you come to clear your head. The haven for the misunderstood and the constantly viewed as evil players in the world. This is Yensid. The place where you can finally belong and be amongst others like you.

Those who don’t like pink and purple and yellow and blue and bright colors and happy faces, this is where they find themselves at peace. The winters dead trees scatter the landscape and the earth is dry and cracked. The only water is that of the small inland lake, but not potable water, no. It is there for the salt content. There are houses scattered here and there, but most of the buildings here are large structures, towering castles with dangerous turrets. Each of the denizens have added their own touches to the landscape, but it is still ugly in your eyes.

And that is how it should be.

But things have changed. You have noticed bits of color here and there. Flowers have begun to bloom where there had only been weeds and death before. And there is laughter where there had only been silence before. And children. You have seen them, heard their feet pitter pattering and you have smelled them. They smelled clean, fresh… young. And that was when you noticed the new construction going on at the top of the hill. A new palace, with four turrets, one on each corner. A fairly standard building for Yensid, until the paint started to go up. Yellow, and teal, and blue, and pink. Aquamarine and coral. Gold and silver. And Purple. So much purple.

You grew curious, why wouldn’t you be? Who could be moving in to this horrible place that you have so much affection for, only to build that…ugly thing. And then, the whispers started. The young Princesses, four of them, had heard about Yensid and decided it would be a lovely place for them to start new lives. So they were moving in. And everything was going to be under their rule. You could not stand for it.

Gather your neighbors and root out those brats. This is your safe haven from color and happiness. You want none of their giggling, their colors, or their feminine wiles here. You know that they are somewhere amongst you. Find them, and send them back to their own world.

What's this?

This is a phalla for 20 people, also known as a mini-phalla.

Phalla? What's that?

The forum's version of the party game, Mafia. See here for more details. General rules apply, including no anonymous contact between players, no direct quoting of role PMs, etc. I don't care about paraphrasing or mafioso quoting role PMs to each other. If you set up an off-site proboard, please PM me the link to it.

Every day you must vote for a player whom you suspect to be one of the Bratty Bitches. Please !vote in red and !retract in lime. Retractions are not necessary; only your last vote will be counted.

What do you mean Newbies?

I am going to open the signups for this game up to anybody who has played LESS THAN FIFTEEN Phallas. Either Mini or Main.

If the game does >not< fill up with those slots, then I will open the game up to anybody else that wants to play.

This Mini is completely vanilla.

This means that there are no hidden mechanics, no special moves or anything to confuse or delight. This is a pure game of Phalla.

20 players
4 mafia
11 villagers
5 village specials

Order of Actions:


Days will end at 11pm Eastern. That’s 8pm Pacific. 4pm+a day Kiwiland.

Example Villager PM:

You are- <enter Role name Here>. <enter Role specific Fluff>
Win condition: Free the Land from the Bratty Bitches Once and For All!

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