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So it looks like George Lucas needs a new boat.

Blake TBlake T Registered User regular
edited November 2010 in Singularity Engine++
Life must be hard being the dude that created star wars.

I mean you have to constantly put up with fan boys and getting into fights about who shot first it's gotta take a toll on the man.

A toll that can only be cured with luxury yachts, a small harem of hookers and mountains coke.

I heard though last week he accidentally sunk the boat while high, stuck a hooker into the engine or something.

Because of this he's decided to re-release the prequel trilogy. In 3D!

And then, he's going to re-re-release the original trilogy, also in 3D!


So tell me SE++ are you going to help out this poor old man buy himself what every man needs?

A yacht like this?


Blake T on


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