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Games and Technology: AWESOME POST in "MINECRAFT - Build to the sky, Dig to the depths. Join th

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There's nothing funny about it. Just having the map and the fully rendered view (LOOK AT IT) is an amazing thing.
Post: MINECRAFT - Build to the sky, Dig to the depths. Join the masses.
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Posted by: Ein
Original Content:
For people who kept bothering me for updated maps/renders:

Updated overhead map:


And a full-size isometric render:


There is randomly-generated stuff outside the 'boundary chasm'. This is normal, and expected, since you can see past the boundary. It continues the landscape as it existed just fine, but obviously does not continue the things I edited in like snow or sand or whatever.

Sipex on
Horseshoe wrote:
I've got good news and bad news about 6th level, That Guy. The good news is that Forbiddance spell allows you to prevent enemies different alignment from entering a consecrated area, which is actually useful! The bad news is that the only other new sixth level spell makes lunch for everybody. Guess which one the party is going to expect you to cast.


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