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R.I.P. CM Punk's Diet Soda

crwthcrwth IDIOT NEWSRegistered User regular
edited December 2010 in Singularity Engine++
larlar said we could talk about wrestling in here again (for now!)


let's talk about wrestling shall we?

last night was HELL. IN. A. CELL.

wherein there were no title changes BUT there were winds of change


this man is now a part of the NEXUS (due to interference from what seems to be husky harris and mike mcgillicuddy)


wwe champ
randy orton

world champ
kaaaaaaaannnneeeeeee (who is back with paul bearer WHAT?!)

us champ
daniel bryan danielson

intercontinental champ
dolph "i'm bringing sleeper back" ziggler

tag champs
DASHING cody rhodes and DROO mcintyre

divas champ(s)
laycool (but mostly michelle mccool)

ok so let's make some references only people in this thread will get 8-)

crwth on


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