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Burke and Hare: A Movie Thread

DrZiplockDrZiplock Registered User regular
edited October 2010 in Singularity Engine++
Join me, won't you?

Let us travel back in time to a land long ago and far away. Not just any land, but a Scotland.

It's October 1827 and we're about to meet William Burke and William Hare, two gentlemen of Irish descent who find themselves rather broke and rather put out in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland.


Well, not to sit back on their laurels and simply be satisfied with being broke as jokes, our boys have hit upon a rather gruesome means of supplementing their income and living the life that they are planning on being accustomed to. But, good Doctor, how? How will these boys of no real skill manage to make money? Ah...I'm so glad you asked.

They killed people.

To rob them? No. To assume their identiies? No. To put them in a pit, put lotion on them and dance around with their cocks tucked between their legs..I mean, they were Irish after all. Not quite.

They sold the bodies to a gentleman by the name of Dr. Knox.





Our entrepreneurial duo was paid a kingly sum for these fresh bodies by the Doctor (no relation). Knox's intent was to perform autopsy demonstrations for the med students at Edinburgh University.

But, Ziplock, how did it all end? Well, my fine friends, I don't want to ruin the story for you.

Why, you asshole? It's history, we could look it up just as you have? Yes, well... 1) fuck you and 2) because there is a new movie coming out staring:

This guy:



This guy:



This lady:


And this one too:

so hot.

You may also be interested in knowing that is also stars:



Well, the movie is coming out and the trailer was just put up on youtube for all to enjoy. It looks entertaining, in my opinion, so, you know...check it out and discuss it here.

Out in England sometime in 2010...out in the Colonies, I have no idea when.

DrZiplock on
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