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OOC [Dark Sun] Shattered Lands



  • feeddannowfeeddannow Registered User regular
    edited October 2010
    Persuant to clause B of Article 3 in the chapter headed "The Rules of Breaking the Rules" the player may choose an alternative to the standard array, it shall be considered cheating - and therefore allowable only if it serves to A) Amuse the DM and B) be awesome. Provided those are covered and also provide that the DM is not being a real jerk, feel free.

    TL;DR Standard Array is... standard. Non-standard stat allotment/generation is ok if it's not cheating too badly.

  • J-BotJ-Bot Registered User regular
    edited October 2010
    And of course, If I'm not entertaining the Dan, then potential of rock falling ouchyness will become significantly higher.

    Anyway, moving on, my character background personality and descriptions are up on the wiki. Yep, descriptions are good...as are portraits...hint, hint.

    "For art to appear, you must disappear." ~ Stephen Nachmanovitch
  • feeddannowfeeddannow Registered User regular
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    This space reserved for a post explaining the basics of some DnD 4e mechanics (AKA - "How the hell do I play this crazy game".

  • DavidalBarronDavidalBarron Registered User regular
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    Using Invisible Castle to roll dice. It's easy!

    Go to Invisible Castle.
    You should register first, because it opens up the useful "Note" text box.
    Now go to the "Roll Dice" page, and let's roll a Basic Attack.
    Chet punches somebody. His total attack bonus is +6 and his damage is 1d4+2

    Character Name: "Chet Olmec"
    Number of Rolls: "1"
    Dice: "1d20+6; 1d4+2"
    Note: "Attack ; Damage"

    Push the "roll the dice" button and wait for the Roll Lookup page to load.

    You'll see the roll results in the box, scroll down and find the BBCode part.
    (It'll look like this, except with brackets at the start and end)
    url=http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2726714/]Attack ; Damage (1d20+6=24, 1d4+2=6)[/url

    Copy and paste that code into the forum, and add any dramatic descriptive text you want.

    Chet Olmec punches Racer X in the face!
    Attack ; Damage (1d20+6=24, 1d4+2=6)

    Pretty simple!

    You can use the notes box to add more explanatory notes like showing temporary Attack and Damage bonuses (i.e Chet has Combat Advantage, he gets +2 to hit: "Attack +6+2 ; Damage 1d4+2")

    When I construct attack powers, I like to put the relevant description of the power in for the DM's convenience (especially which Defense it targets!):

    Aztec Punch!
    At-Will * Str vs. AC * Melee
    Attack ; Damage (1d20+6=24, 1d4+2=6)
    Hit: Aztec punching gives all allies a +2 power bonus to damage against the target until the start of your next turn.

    And, since it's a game element instead of a story element, I'd put it in a Spoiler tag so as not to screw up the flow of text.

    Chet Olmec punches Racer X in the face!
    Aztec Punch!
    At-Will, Standard * Str vs. AC * Melee
    Attack ; Damage (1d20+6=24, 1d4+2=6)
    Hit: flashy Aztec punching gives all allies a +2 power bonus to damage against the target until the start of your next turn.
    Chet bangs his armor twice with his fists and pumps the crowd up with a display of taunting athleticism! AAAAAZtec! PPPppppunch-ch-ch-ch!

  • J-BotJ-Bot Registered User regular
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    Just a quick note: On player aids, I've got some tracks brewing. Dan wanted a sacrificial sounding thing, and I've got some ideas, but nothing concrete yet. As for genereic wandering deserts themes, I've put one together and have it uploaded over at thesixtyone.


    It's still a work in progress, but I've pretty much got the sound I want, but I may rework/rewrite some of the parts, and adjust levels in the mix a little more.

    "For art to appear, you must disappear." ~ Stephen Nachmanovitch
  • Zombie_Lord_DemusZombie_Lord_Demus Registered User
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    Test test
    Cha'Ka Transforms into an insecticidal Lion that has crawled out of the depths of nightmares. Cha'Ka hisses and his Quills on his back make the sound of a death rattle. And with His meaty clawed paw swipes at the Fluffy bunny.
    Savage Rend

    Beast Form, Implement, Primal

    Standard Action Melee touch

    Target: One creature
    Vs Ref
    Special: This power can be used as a melee basic attack.

    Attack, Damage!, (1d20+9=23, 1d8+5=10)

    you slide the target 1 square.

    Arm bands of MIGHTY STRIKING +2 MORE damage!

    Hunting Dragons.
  • AmusingSNAmusingSN Registered User
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    Alright, when we gonna start?

  • feeddannowfeeddannow Registered User regular
    edited October 2010
    We shall kick off festivities Oct. 25th (Japanese Moon Time). There'll be an IC Shattered Lands Thread started that morning and after that we'll go nuts. That gives us exactly one week. Until the Character Sheet thingy updates appropriately we'll be using the Wiki for our Character sheets as well - take a look at Nick's character for an example. I'll put up a blank template you can copy for your own use very soon.

    I need a headcount on people that I owe characters for - I know I'm responsible for rolling David's, Rhieley's, and Mia's .... I think everyone else is pretty comfortable in making their own - again check the wiki for rules on character generating - and I'm not going to babysit anyone who doesn't ask for it. That means I won't be checking for math errors or whatnot.

    Reminders: Standard Array for stats (unless you wanna do something else in a reasonable fashion), inherent bonuses are in effect (The wiki is getting updated with that information... now), and whatever else that's in the wiki that I can't be arsed to double post about.

    Questions? Here's the place.

    ALSO... it seems like we have a late entrant into our Aztec Awesomeness. A good friend of mine and Mia, Kat, will be joining us. (Yes, that means we have 3 pretty ladies playing with us neck-bearded grognards). She even said she might want to be the fool responsible for co-healing you lot.
    Remember, if the party wipes, blame the healer(s).

  • AmusingSNAmusingSN Registered User
    edited October 2010
    I thought I already explained the blame rule to you, Dan.

    If the defenders die, its the healers' fault.
    If the healers die, its the defenders' fault.
    If the strikers die, its their own damn fault.
    And controllers never die, they just make you think they did.

  • DavidalBarronDavidalBarron Registered User regular
    edited October 2010
    Chet Olmec takes no responsibility for all of your deaths and actively encourages you to go out in a blaze of glory. Honor is a big crowd-pleaser.

  • MendokusaiMendokusai Registered User
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    [Coaxoch will be changing a bit... she will soon have a new companion - (my friend kat will be joining the game..) so we'll update the character stuff soon. This means I'm probably going to have to screw up everything about how our characters interact as Kat and I hash out our character combo.....

    Feel free to continue talking to the snake, or Kat's character instead of me. That will be hilarious...

    ps. I'm still lazy, but not so annoying.

  • MendokusaiMendokusai Registered User
    edited October 2010
    Comment to Rhie about art stuff:
    I use photoshop with my tablet - I'd recommend it simply because of the AMAZING array of tutorials available online... I'm a mac kid though, so that might have something to do with it... plus i got the adobe package for free. (arg! I be a pirate!!) It works pretty well for me, but I also do a very comic book style...
    anyhow, I'm pretty sure all the programs are relatively the same, its just a matter of which system your comfortable with.... and if you're good at figuring out buttons on your own. I'd do a tutorial search online before you bought something, so you'd know if there is a 'support group' available. ^_^

    Question about my spiffy number 5 at will thingy: "Object Projection" which allows her to - as a minor action - to teleport an object she is holding in one hand to a place or a creature within 10 squares (50 feet)

    Would this mean that I could say, transport an explosive at the feet of an enemy? (if we have explosives that is...)
    or perhaps I could transport Crowley as a surprise attack? Or if I were to jump on the back of a beast, grab it with one hand, and then teleport it off a nearby cliff? OOO! or perhaps the severed heads of my enemies as gifts to their friends... or I could teleport notes and be the team mailman... I guess I just need to know the size of objects I can send, if it applies to living things too...

  • feeddannowfeeddannow Registered User regular
    edited October 2010

    Here's the full description of the power in question
    Object Projection
    At-Will * Psionic, Teleportation
    Minor Action

    Effect: You teleport an object you are holding in one hand to an unoccupied square within 10 squares of you or to a willing creature withing 10 squares of you.

    Since it says "Object" I'm going to rule the the thing in question has to be non-living. And it says that you have to be able to hold it in one hand... so no teleporting a castle just because you can rest your hand against it. Also the recipient has to be willing - which may prevent you from teleporting bombs into people's hands.

    Useful applications I can foresee... Teleporting a much-needed healing potion to a friend, teleporting a key to a person on the other side of a jail cell, passing notes, being a "Hot Potato" champion....

    Also, teleporting the skulls of your victims is awesome.

  • KiplingskatKiplingskat Registered User regular
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    Hi everyone, I'm Kat and I just wanted to post a quick greeting (and I really hope I'm posting this right).

    Dan, the wonderful, generous madman that he is, let me join at the eleventh hour. I know you've all been talking things through amongst yourselves about character traits, personalities, interactions etc., so I'm just going to hurl myself into this headfirst to catch up. Intensive study-time for me.
    I gotta say, this is probably the kind of studying I like the best, and I'm really looking forward to running amok with all of you!

    To those I've met already:
    This is also a chance for me to test the Spoiler feature. Hi David! Been a long time, so you'll have to bear with me, again. And hi to you too, Mia. You already know how to deal with me.

  • DavidalBarronDavidalBarron Registered User regular
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    Hey Kat! I love this game!

    Anyways, let me run-down the Connections that I've seen thus far and which I hypothesize:

    Chet Olmec (David) and Matalihutl (Erik) are fellow Draj nobility and comrades-in-arms. Matalihutl swore to follow Chet Olmec into his degradation, fighting by his side to restore their honor through brute force. In the Draj tradition.

    Crowley, the heroic flying snake with a lazy elf assistant named Coaxoch (Mia), is the good friend of Chet Olmec (David). Chet Olmec assumes.

    Remus (Aniket) and Aureus (Topher) are the Belkar Squad, two rogues of Chaotic Neutral extract.

    Kabocha (Rhieley) and Mahzz (James) seem compatible as a Heavy Fighter/Squishy Wizard duo, especially considering that Wizards are inherently hated 'round here.

    Cha'Ka Chkit (Nick), as a slave who fought his master, earns the respect of Chet Olmec (David). By Chet's philosophy (derived by an extreme take on Draj warrior culture), the instant a slave stands and fights, the slave is free and has honor regardless of victory or skill.

    Strategery: Chet Olmec, as the Warlord & Templar (i.e. Leader x2), is pleased to have two whole parties to move around. Chet will utilize the same general strategy as Shaka Zulu: hard, fast, simple, brutal.

  • MendokusaiMendokusai Registered User
    edited October 2010
    Here is me copying david...

    Quick reminder of Coaxochs new personality: she is extremely obedient -to Teo. She doesn't say much, and doesn't give away her emotions; especially when having the conversation with herself over whether to agree or kill you for your stupidity.


    Teoxihuitle (Kat) is a fellow elf from her tribe - an honorable general; the leader and healer of warriors in desert battle, plus a rather powerful shaman to boot. Provider of The Cookies, she shall be obeyed and protect Teo at all costs.

    Chet Olmec (David) is the pompous leader. His arrogance will be ignored because "t" has told her so. She will not however, let him know that the Crowley doesn't understand human speech...

    Matalihutl (Erik) seems to be alright. His loyalty is admirable, but his choice of masters is disappointing...

    Remus (Aniket) and Aureus (Topher) are competent warriors, and Aureus's lineage stirs Coaxoch's curiosity.

    Kabocha (Rhieley) her strength is commendable, and Coax will happily teach her all the foul words she knows.

    Mahzz (James) he is the only one Coaxoch instantly trusts, as he is wild and not to be trusted. His unpredictable nature is the only thing she can assume is a constant.. plus hes an elf.. kinda.. so that helps.

    Cha'Ka Chkit (Nick) makes her uncomfortable, his kind was an enemy to her people in the desert, but now with his new abilities he seems to be something new... she will watch him very carefully...

  • J-BotJ-Bot Registered User regular
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    Hmmm, guess I should do the same. I just hope I gave Mahzz the right tools ;)

    Mahzz is really only here to kill the bastard that wiped out his village. After that is accomplished, he plans to leave the arena of his own volition. If there is resistance be it animate or inanimate, there will be burninating.

    Mahzz is very (very oh so very) smart. But his street smarts leave something to be desired. His quick temper will likely get him into some prickly situations.

    Cha'Ka Chkit -- Mahzz is indifferent. Some groups had to be fought off, but other more social tribes have been traded with. He bears the big bug no ill will, but will keep an eye on him nonetheless.

    Chet -- Mahzz had a run-in with some templars to get himself thrown into the arena. He doesn't particularly like them, and the more he hears about the sorcerer king, the less he likes them. Though, since the big lug is in with the rest of the group, he must have done something worthwhile. This could need some investigating.

    The rogues -- Mahzz admires the rogues. He learned a bit of stealth from one of the local gangs as he survived in the streets of draj. Mahzz knows very well what they are capable of, and will do anything he can to create opportunities for them.

    Coaxoch & T -- Mahzz trusts the elves a bit more than the rest. They are nomads as he is, and Mahzz still thinks he's just a funny lookin' elf. They will probably correct him or re-educate him, though they may not know exactly what Mahzz is at first. Though rumors could come in play. Potential for self-exploration.

    Matalihutl -- Mahzz doesn't know what to make of him. He's a templar, but seems to follow Chet. Hopefully he'll be open to suggestions and not blindly follow his fellow templar.

    Kabocha -- big girl. verrrry big girl....Mahzz will just try not to piss her off. Though if she wishes to learn the lingo, Mahzz can probably coach her in a few choice phrases. (anyone remember Morte? ) XD

    Mahzz is not particularly attached to any of the members (yet) Though he does feel some familiarity with the elves since they were formerly nomads as well. (well, that and he thinks he's one of 'em) However, he does know the current situation, and will try to use the best of his abilities to see their enemies crushed. (or worse)

    "For art to appear, you must disappear." ~ Stephen Nachmanovitch
  • DavidalBarronDavidalBarron Registered User regular
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    On the "Wizards are inherently hated 'round here" front, it should be noted that Chet Olmec as a Templar has powers with Arcane as a source. If I understand correctly, though, he just happens to also have a License to Defile signed by The Lord Of All Creation which has not yet been rescinded. Yet another sign (to Chet) of his continuing favor from on high. It is more likely that on high is too busy to be bothered with the paperwork.

    Following the example of his own God-King, it doesn't seem too far-fetched for Chet to cheerfully use the Wizard as long as he's useful, in the sense of "Wizard, do something crazy! In that general direction."
    Chet Olmec has also decided, as a reward for the flying snake's loyalty and wit, to promote Crowley, viz: "Mr. Crowley, take a squad to flank this behemoth."

  • aniketaniket Registered User
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    Hey everyone,

    Just wanted to let you know I am alive and well. Have been doing some studying on Aztecs, desert, Dark Sun etc. And I will post more details about Remus and Aureus (with Topher's nod, of course) here and on the wiki soon.

    "In peace, vigilance. In war, victory. In death, sacrifice."
  • RhieRhie Registered User
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    Coaxochs (Mia): She seems like a very sweet thing. Already helping with the local slang. She also sees Coaxochs as something of a humanitarian. Why else would she be helping out such a small critter? (Even if it does have fangs and can fly.)

    "T" (Kat): Kabocha hasn't gotten to know this one well yet. The kind Coaxochs shows her respect so perhaps there is something special about her. She will need to be watched.

    Chet Olmec (David): Chet has earned Kabocha's respect. As diminutive as he is, he always fights big, sometimes bigger than even she could.

    Matalihutl (Erik): Because of his former rank, Kabocha thinks he might know something of the artifact. She also thinks he'd have her killed immediately.

    Remus (Aniket) & Aureus (Topher): Appears as though they could be fun to talk with. Doesn't understand how they are so darn sneaky.

    Mahzz (James): The way Mahzz looks at her, Kabocha is fairly certain he'll bite if she comes too close.

    Cha'Ka Chkit (Nick): This creature makes her smile. He's clearly ferocious and interesting to boot. She's heard clips and rumors of his prior life and it makes her very much wish to coddle him. (As one would a lost puppy.)

  • KiplingskatKiplingskat Registered User regular
    edited October 2010
    Awesome interaction details, I'm going to have so much to go on by the time I post my "response" do Dan's challenge!

    We're still ironing out a few of the details, but some basics for my character are:
    A) Her name is Teoxihuitle (Tee-oh-she-weet-leh) but you can go ahead and call her Teo for those linguistically-challenged individuals...such as myself...

    B) She is a sort of elvin shaman/spiritualist/healer, who fights via spirit proxy, her favorite being a Jaguar she has dubbed Xipil (to be honest, I'm still not sure if this counts as "magic" in the "wizards are inherently hated" sense or not...opinions?)

    C) Was in a fairly powerful position in her family's tribe (the same tribe Coaxoch hails from) before she made the mistake of drinking an unidentified substance that Coaxoch gave her without question and started ranting about her "family issues". Next scene, she awakens within sight of Draj, with the warrior following her around begging for cookies and clutching what appears to be a signed contract, and no idea how they got there

    I'll go into more detail once I post on the wiki, but until then, at least you all have a name that's a bit more interesting than "T"!

  • DavidalBarronDavidalBarron Registered User regular
    edited October 2010
    I don't think people are allowed to hate you if it's not (in game terms) an Arcane power source. What you've got there sounds like Primal, so you'll be fine, as will all the folk with Psionics. I believe it's only Chet Olmec (from the Templar path) and Mahzz (full-on Wizard) who have Arcane powers at the moment.

    Anyways, no self-respectin' Aztec would hate a Jaguar!
    Space Cookies, eh? Classy.

  • feeddannowfeeddannow Registered User regular
    edited October 2010
    Anyways, no self-respectin' Aztec would hate a Jaguar!

    Especially a spiritual Insectuar... which is like a crazy desert-themed jaguar with a hard insectoid carapace... The carapace of this holy creature is often used in ceremonial armors in Draji culture... often painted and decorated with bright feathers...

    And yeah, Shamans use primal ... so David's right - only Mahz is really in danger of serious shunning. Chet will be shunned for so many other reasons it's not worth mentioning his token arcane dabblings.

  • AmusingSNAmusingSN Registered User
    edited October 2010
    It's like sanctioned psykers from the WH40k universe!

  • KiplingskatKiplingskat Registered User regular
    edited October 2010
    I provide what is demanded, and Space Cookies were unequivocally demanded by Coaxoch. If it means she gets a powerful serpent warrior bodyguard, essentially for free, who is Teo to argue?

    Ok, here I go!
    1) Teoxihuitle stumbles over an uneven ripple of sand, effectively jarring her wandering mind back into focus, and she snarls to herself at her inattention. Three days. It has already been three days since the storm, and there has been no sign of the caravan anywhere. Checking the position of the sun, she scans the horizon, eyes distant and mind open, but nothing stirs. The eagle spirit she invoked earlier to lengthen her sight seemed confident they were heading in the right direction, but one thing she has learned, above everything else, is that certainty in this constantly changing landscape is a luxury few can indulge in. She thinks for a moment that she can hear Xipil growling at her to keep up, but that can’t be right. She hasn’t called for him in over a day, it wastes too much energy.

    She licks her parched lips, but doesn’t partake of the last piece of fat she managed to salvage from the kank carcass (no doubt the one she had been riding) that she’d found a day after she rose from the silt. That small piece might last her another two days, if she disciplines herself. No matter, she has lived through storms like this before, and shall live through this one. Teo tugs at the wrap around her head, shielding her from the worst of the heat and, with a determined shrug, she adjusts the weight of the pouch resting over her hip on its improvised strap. Its contents shift, bringing a reassuring, dry rattling sound to her ears.

    She can still feel an echo of the panic she experienced when she thought it was lost, digging frantically through the sandpaper-fine silt to retrieve it. The feeling was almost as strong as the deep, long familiar twinge she felt when she first awoke after the storm, curled in a ball under her shroud, blackness and sand pressing in from above and around her, the air tight and warm.

    With an unconscious shudder, Teoxihuitle clutches her pouch tighter, silently reaffirming her promise to herself, and stares out at the distant horizon, confident that the spirits will guide her as best they can.

    2) I'm sure that I've already used up my psionic raffle card, but just for fun I choose...8!

    3) I guess the simplest answer to this question is that I live a separate life in my head...many different lives, to be fair. I've done a bit (and I do mean a BIT) of game roleplaying in the past and I loved being able to allow the characters in my head to interact with other people's creations.

    What I'm hoping for in this game is to expand my own abilities as an interactive player, while allowing my character to engage, learn, and grow as they were meant to. That said, the fact that this game involves a desert, Aztec-inspired world can't help buy be anything other than awesome.

  • feeddannowfeeddannow Registered User regular
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    She chose EIGHT!

    In return, the psionic power that the powers bestow upon Teo is....

    At-Will Psionic power
    Minor Action
    Effect: Choose one square that you can see and is within 5 squares of you. Until the end of your next turn, you can determine your line of sight from that square.

    In a nutshell, with a little effort, Teacup can see as if she were standing somewhere else. Handy for seeing around those dangerous corners. Or up skirts. Pervert.

  • J-BotJ-Bot Registered User regular
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    Hmmm, I didn't know she swung that way. xD

    Now, on a serious note: This is how I'm going to play Mahzz's defiler-trying-to-go-preserver bit. Simpler spells Mahzz is able to preserve. Big flashy or complex explody spells of doom, not as much.

    So: At-Will spells and cantrips, Mahzz can preserve. Encounter spells he can preserve if the spell is half his current level or less. Daily and utility spells, fuhgedaboudit. For spells that Mahzz can preserve, Mahzz will try to play the bluff card to convince people it's psionics or primal....anything but arcane. For the spells that cause defilement.....yeah, no bluffing there. Things turning ash aren't really something you can bluff.

    Also, being the passionate little firebomb that Mahzz is....if he is feeling enraged, pissed off, or otherwise highly emotional about something when he casts a spell he can normally preserve....he'll need to roll a wisdom check. if he succeeds, he'll still be able to preserve the spell he casts, but if he fails....yeah, ashes, dust to dust and all that, and big kaboom to whatever gets hit by the spell, depending on the spell. This is why I gave him the low wisdom.....character flavor and chance of making worse out of an already bad situation :D *cackles*

    "No wait....he did it! over there! Get that arcane bastard!" (bluff check) *runs away while mob is distracted and uses stealth to get away....or....gets lynched*

    "For art to appear, you must disappear." ~ Stephen Nachmanovitch
  • DavidalBarronDavidalBarron Registered User regular
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    I think when Chet picks up his Aztec hallucinogens from Teo, he's going to place an order for some Wizard Ritalin.

    We need a team psychologist, but presumably all the Dark Sun psychologists have formed a guild with the stated goal of making more people insane. That seems setting-appropriate.

  • feeddannowfeeddannow Registered User regular
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    Ok people, the hour approaches... are you ready? Do your checklist!

    1) Have a decent grasp on who you are playing...

    2) Have a decent grasp on who you are playing with...

    3) Have a character sheet completed (Unless you are waiting for me to do it...)
    a) Have you reminded Dan that you need a character sheet and that you are waiting for him to make it?

    4) Have you posted on the Wiki at http://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/Shattered_Lands about your character's backstory and possibly character sheet?

    5) Remember that we will have our opening post on Monday, Oct. 25th. It will be on this forum IN A DIFFERENT THREAD - there will be a link to the In-Character post in an email when the first posts are finished.

    6) Have fun.

    ALSO - I will be incredibusy this weekend getting sheets done and finalizing some things for the game - and it comes to mind that several of you have never played 4e before. If you would like a fabulous prize, and you have free time why not post a primer on the very basics of combat / core things about the system - either here or on the Wiki?

    If nobody takes up the challenge to do so, I will have one posted on Monday.

  • DavidalBarronDavidalBarron Registered User regular
    edited October 2010
    The Basics o' Combat and a Dissection of a Power:

    There are four action types:
    Standard - usually an Attack.
    Move - usually a Move (move your speed) or a Shift (move one square safely)
    Minor - something else that still takes some concentration, usually a power.
    Free - something else as the DM decides (or the power specifies). Talking is a free action. Note that you can use a free action during anybody's turn.

    Every combat round on your turn, you have three actions: 1 standard, 1 move, and 1 minor.
    You can trade your standard action for a move action. (i.e. take 2 moves and 1 minor)
    You can trade your move or standard action for a minor. (i.e. take 1 standard and 2 minor, or 3 minor actions)
    If you have an Action Point, you can spend it to get one extra action that round.
    You can take your actions in any order that makes sense.

    So, in combat a typical turn might be:
    Standard - Attack Joe with sword. (roll to hit)
    Move - Move 6 squares away from Dead Joe.
    Minor - Retrieve a potion or light a torch or use a minor power.
    Free - Yell "I killed Joe, haha!"

    Pretty easy.

    A little more complicated is all these "powers" your character has. I'm just going to take one of Mahzz the Wizard's powers (since he's the only one with a sheet) and run through the categories with ;comments.

    Freezing Cloud Wizard Attack 1
    A pellet shoots from your hand and explodes into a cloud of icy mist at the point of impact.

    ; This is a first-level wizard attack power. The fluff description and power name is only a guideline, you can call it whatever you like. Let's call this one "A-Mahzz-ing Glacier"

    Daily * Arcane, Cold, Implement * Standard Action

    ; This is a Daily power, you can use it once per day. Mark it off after you've used it and don't use it again until Dan says "You take an extended rest."
    If it said Encounter power, you'd mark it off until Dan said "You take a short rest."
    If it said At-Will, you can use it as many times as you want.
    ; The source of this power is Arcane (i.e. magic). In Dark Sun, that's bad juju. Every time Mahzz casts this spell we should go "Boo!". Other power sources are Martial (training), Psionic (mental), and Primal (elemental). There's also Divine, but in Dark Sun it's rare.

    Area burst 2 within 10 squares
    Target: Each creature in burst

    ; Area Burst means that the wizard chooses a target square he can see and the attack "bursts" out in an area around it. In this case, the target square must be less than or equal to 10 squares away and the burst will extend 2 squares out. Like so:


    ; Note that it says "each creature in burst", that means both enemies (red lemmings) and allies (blue lemmings) are affected. Wizards are well-known for attacking their own guys. Sometimes it's for a tactical purpose, sometimes it's just for fun.
    If it said "each enemy in burst", it would ignore your allies. "each ally in burst" is usually some sort of healing or buff.

    ; I'll make more pictures presently for the other types of attacks, esp. Close Blast.

    Attack: Intelligence vs. Fortitude

    ; You're adding your Intelligence modifier and any other bonuses to your d20 attack roll, and trying to equal or exceed the target's Fortitude score. Find out if you Hit or Miss, then see what happens...

    Hit: 1d8 + Intelligence modifier cold damage.

    ; If you hit: Damage + damage type. If there's no damage type noted it's generic. Some feats and equipment grant bonuses or resistance to certain damage types.

    Miss: Half damage.

    ; If you missed: do whatever it says here, in this case Half damage. (1d8+Int)/2

    Effect: The cloud lasts until the end of your next turn. Any creature that enters the cloud or starts its turn there is subject to another attack. You can dismiss the cloud as a minor action.

    ; The Effect happens whether you hit or miss, so don't worry. In this case, the wizard gets a crazy cloud thing, and has a use for his minor action. Pretty cool. If he weren't, yaknow, defiling our HOME PLANET, jeez.

    Edit: Close Blast & Strategy

    Close Blast X means that you choose one square adjacent to you that you can see (the "origin") and make a blast square with a side of X.

    Let's suppose the power reads "Close Blast 3", the wizard could do like so (O marks the Origin square):


    The power also reads "All creatures in area", so he's hitting an ally. But, if the wizard moves over two squares, he can hit all the enemies but miss his ally. If that's his idea of a good time.

  • Zombie_Lord_DemusZombie_Lord_Demus Registered User
    edited October 2010

    Chet Olmec (David): Alpha Male

    Matalihutl (Erik): Beta, the only one who has the "right" to challenge the Alpha for leadership.

    "Teo" (Kat): Motherly figure ... must be Alpha's woman. Mmmm Cookiezz

    Remus (Aniket) & Aureus (Topher): Sneaky sneaky... Must keep close eye on my thingzz.

    Coaxochs (Mia): Indifferent... but also likezz cookiez. :-)

    Mahzz (James): .... he killzz life forcezz... but still my new clutchmate.

    Kabocha (Rhieley): Likezz alot... Kabocha killzz many.... that i eatzzz. I follow next to into battlez.

    Hunting Dragons.
  • J-BotJ-Bot Registered User regular
    edited October 2010
    Okay, first bit of mood music is done. Track is titled, "Athasian Fields" It's more an egyptian-ish bent on themes, and more for desert landscapes than being around Draj.

    Next up (as soon as I figure out what I'm going to do) will be the sacrifice music. But for now, feel free to take a listen (or download) Athasian Fields:



    "For art to appear, you must disappear." ~ Stephen Nachmanovitch
  • aniketaniket Registered User
    edited October 2010
    Just finished editing the wiki.

    Now, I did not.... well, I could not give some details as I need to work on them with Topher (Aureus) and I cannot get in touch with him at the moment. Hope he's ok. :( I also need some names that Dan has promised me. So, I guess, for now, Remus will be a character with a mysterious past to the rest of the party.

    Anyway, I did put up an 'immediate' history, and also a notion of my writing style. And I am a complete noob in editing the wiki, so I guess I'd post the art here. it's not that good, but it's all I have:


    I also talk about a self-reloading crossbow in my description. Don't kill me yet, Dan. Just listen. I'm going for a Shadowy Rogue build that can use a melee weapon on one hand and a ranged weapon on the other. I'm also taking a feat (from Martial Power) that lets me use hand-crossbows on off-hand, AND lets me reload it as a free action with just one hand. It's pretty cool, and awesome, so why not, right?

    Now it was getting a bit difficult on finding the exact process of how I am reloading a crossbow with one hand, so I made a simple design. It sucks, because I have never been that of an artist, but at least it'd give an idea. Here:


    It is a self-invention of Remus. It is custom made- attached to his left hand. The switch to fire is on the palm of his hand. If he presses it with his middle finger, it releases a spring that shoots the arrow. A roll of bolts is inserted at the side. It automatically sucks in the next bolt after one is fired. It can also fire several bolts at once, if needed (Hint: Higher level powers). Oh and when Remus gets a better hand-crossbow, he disassembles it and upgrades his own.

    That's the basic idea. Advices, suggestions, rotten eggs are welcome.

    The important thing to keep in mind is that I do not get ANY bonus (other than those given by feats or class features etc) for the design of the weapon. For all intents and purposes of dice, it is a hand-crossbow. It just looks different. And I thought it's way cooler.

    Now I know I have been lazy with my character sheet. I do have some questions regarding it. Once someone clears them, I will submit it.

    1. What is favor? How do I gain / use it? Can I find it in the Campaign Guide book?

    2. Um.... about magic items.... I'm a bit confused. Do we pick from books, or will Dan give a list or something? Why is the level mentioned important?

    That's all I can think about at the moment. I'll do more updates tomorrow. Along with my Character Sheet.


    "In peace, vigilance. In war, victory. In death, sacrifice."
  • KiplingskatKiplingskat Registered User regular
    edited October 2010
    Yay, I get a psionic power after all! Sensing Eye sounds like a handy little skill Teo shall use on her way to becoming...the Almighty Poker Champion of Draj! She'd only use it for peeking up skirts on weekends...

    Got my basic interactions for Teo here (all of which, I hope, will be changing as the game and characters evolve):
    David (DavidalBarron) - Chet Olmec: Powerful and determined, but she senses turmoil within; feels grudging respect for his current quest for redemption and vengeance; she waits to see how he carries his command; she has also ordered Coaxoch to stay as far from him as possible, as the two seem to have created an instant dislike for each other

    Erik ( IDunnoyet) - Matalihutl: Though a bit wary of Chet’s templar companion, Teo approves of his unquestioning loyalty, but is puzzled, as she has seen no sign of the payment Chet makes for it...this bears investigating further...

    Mia (Mendokusai) - Coaxoch: A deadly warrior and a...unique and interesting companion, Teo is still surprised she was able to secure her services; despite her current obedience, Teo always feels as though she walks the knife edge between maintaining Coax’s loyalty and the snake warrior losing interest and leaving without warning (or worse);

    Topher (Aureus Grey) and Aniket (Aniket) - Remus: Their minds are a mystery, but their lethal skill fascinates her, and she can sense how useful they might be in a battle; she will aid them as best she can and perhaps learn more from them

    Rhieley (Rhie) - Kabocha: though her size initially put Teo’s guard up, she soon realized that the half-giant poses no threat to her or their companions (but a considerable threat to their opponents); her earnest efforts to learn the local language and customs are endearing; any attempt, however, on the part of the half-giantess to coddle her will be met with a swift, brusque rebuttal

    James (J-Bot) - : Wary of the powers he wields, she senses conflict in his spirit but no evil; his familiarity with the elves is intriguing, though a bit flawed; she has decided to keep an eye on him, to see how his internal battle fares

    Nick (Zombie_Lord_Demus) - Cha'Ka Chkit: His appearance and ferocity immediately remind her of Xipil, and she feels an odd affinity to the bug beast; she hasn’t quite determined the best way to interact with him but he seems quite interested in Coaxoch’s weekly ration of cookies...

    In response to Dan's checklist:
    Just a reminder I be one of those noobs needing a character sheet, oh great and benevolent DM!

    Also, thank you David for the detailed explanation of the fighting process! Gives me some more study material.

    On that note
    I'd like to brush up on the basics of interpreting my character sheet, just to make sure I don't do something epically dumb. Since I know Dan is going to be busier than a one-armed paper hanger this weekend, if someone could just point me in the direction of a good online key or cheat-sheet of sorts, I can study on my own. (Yes, I know it's such a beginner question, but I'm out of practice!).

    EDIT: I should learn to explore before I ask silly questions. The Invisible Castle Site seems like the perfect place to start, so please ignore that last request until I have a proper question for all of you.

  • DavidalBarronDavidalBarron Registered User regular
    edited October 2010
    Chet Olmec's Guide to Combat

    I'm a Templar, I've led forces into combat before, yeah. There's ten of us facing this Arena, so we've got to get organized, then we'll get sacrifices and honor, alllll right.

    There are four types of soldiers. Sort yourself out, ooh.

    If you can take the hits and don't need to move around a lot, you're a Heavy, yeah. You hold the line and keep the hard target from going anywhere while the Light moves around to flank or goes after the Squishy. I'm a heavy, allright whoo.

    Probably Heavy: Chet Olmec, Kabocha
    Maybe Heavy: Neelob, Cha'Ka Chikit, Matalihutl

    If you move around a lot, would rather not get hit more than once or twice and do a lot of damage to single targets, you're a Light. You circumvent the lines and go after the Squishy or take advantage of the Heavy's hard work by stabbing his target in the back.

    Probably Light: Aureus Grey, Mendokusai
    Maybe Light: Cha'Ka Chikit, Remus

    If you do a lot of damage to a lot of different targets, and don't never want to be hit, you're a Squishy. Your job is to keep Lights away from the Heavy, and generally soften up everybody on the battlefield so that clean-up is easier, yeah ooh.

    Probably Squishy: Mahzz
    Maybe Squishy: Teoxihuitle

    If I don't even know what you're doing, but you can cause a lot of trouble from a general command "Go after That Guy, yeah!", you're the Wildcard, allllright. If you have some crazy power or ability and work fine alone, your job is to cause as much chaos amongst the enemy and preferably neutralize their Wildcards and Squishies. Do your own thing, you know what you're good at.

    Probably Wildcard: Remus
    Maybe Wildcard: all the other maybes up there, anybody who has "Controller" in their description and doesn't have fireball.

    Combat Strategy:

    In the absence of a plan,

    Break into HLS groups - 1 Heavy, 1 Light, 1 Squishy:

    Heavy fights Heavy

    Light hunts Squishy

    Squishy splatters Light

    Wildcard goes wild

    Remember, yeah, I'm your only healer. Which means we don't really have a healer. So our combat strategy is simple: Aggressive Aggression, ooh.

    The first round (or, even better, the surprise round!) should be a veritable cacophony of Daily powers and Action Points focused on those enemies most likely to be killed before they can take a turn. The best defense is to not be hit, and you can't use powers and Action Points when you're dead.

    And it gets the crowd excited, which is honor for us all, allright yeah.

  • J-BotJ-Bot Registered User regular
    edited October 2010
    Also, keeping Mahzz and the other ritual users alive is in everyone's best interest. Soon as I hit lv11, I'm totally hoping to take the Raise Dead ritual and get it copied to my spellbook. I already have gentle repose, so if someone does take a dirt nap, I can preserve the body until we find someone who can raise them via arcane ritual.

    Also, if I do get into too bad of a pinch...I can use fey step, but limited since it's an encounter power. Also, I may not always have fireball. Depending on the situation I my switch it out and prep glitterdust to help our rogues do some backstabby goodness instead. I will (almost) have guardian blades and fireshield prepared, unless there's a specific reason I want to switch to shield instead of guardian blades, or invisibility instead of fireshield. I tried to make Mahzz a very well rounded and useful character.

    Also, bear in mind Mahzz is fey origin....I've not been able to track down just what all that entails though, as far as effects.

    "For art to appear, you must disappear." ~ Stephen Nachmanovitch
  • Zombie_Lord_DemusZombie_Lord_Demus Registered User
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    Saddly rituals in DARK SUN like Raise Dead. Arn't available... its LEGENDARY myths. And I don't know if i'm even able too get Endure Elements (nothing yet on a yes or no from Dan)... cause it makes travel more "cushy"... at least for 5 people.

    Hunting Dragons.
  • DavidalBarronDavidalBarron Registered User regular
    edited October 2010
    A Wildcard is just a soldier whose powers Chet doesn't understand well enough to integrate into his tactics, but who will enhance his strategy by their own methods.

    Translating that into game terms, a PC is a Wildcard if...
    -A bunch of his powers have Effects, and/or
    -he has a lot of Stealth, and/or
    -he's really good at Diplomacy or Bluff (esp. in/before combat) and/or
    -he works alone or with other wildcards. He has a special niche, and that niche is Other.

    So on those days that Mahzz memorizes glitterdust and invisibility, he's a Wildcard and presumably has some zany scheme going on with the rogues that Chet Olmec doesn't understand. On those days he's memorized Fireball, he's a Squishy (who can Fey Step, always a good combo). Shield is incompatible with Chet's Aggressive Aggressiveness mindset.

    We'll see how available the Divine rituals are in this godless world without gods or godliness.

    edit: Ah, they're not. Endure Elements would be nice, though.

  • KiplingskatKiplingskat Registered User regular
    edited October 2010
    Sounds like Squishy is probably where Teo falls, though I'd need to check her sheet.

    Also...I thought I was going to be a healer? I haven't heard from Dan yet, so things might have changed that I wasn't aware of...

  • feeddannowfeeddannow Registered User regular
    edited October 2010
    Few notes-

    Teo can, in fact, heal just as well as Chet. It was my misunderstanding and overlooking of the healing power of shamen. So you guys can breathe a little easier.

    Rituals- anything that needs the divine power source is verboten. Anything granting comfort or making travel easier is probably also not thematic. If you're not sure, err on the side of no. If you're not sure, but you reeeeeeeally want it, shoot me an email.

    If I cave and give you such a power, realize that I reserve the right to bizarrely alter the rituals cost to involve sacrifice in blood or otherwise.

    I'm happy with my players. You're all doing wonderfully. Keep up the posting and we will have a great game in our hands.

    Typing this on a train. Expect it to be edited later

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