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The [Phalla] Ends With You - Game Over

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[tiny]x = total players[/tiny]

What happens when we die? How hard would you fight for a second chance at life?

The world we live in every day, the Realground, exists in many dimensions simultaneously. In one of these dimensions, the Underground, the recently dead are given the opportunity to return to the Realground. They are entered into a week-long Game, where the stakes are literally life or death. The surviving players will be returned to their normal lives, while the losers will be permanently Erased from existence.

Welcome to Shibuya. You have 7 days.

What is this?
This is The Phalla Ends With You, a Mafia game based on the Square-Enix DS RPG The World Ends With You. Further explanantions for new players can be found here. There are also some special mechanics in this game, some of which will be discussed in this OP.

Who's running this game?
I'll be hosting this game with help from local awesome guy Farangu. I'll be in charge of most in-game actions, so any orders should be PMed to me. As per usual, if you set up a proboard to discuss the game, invite both Farangu and myself to it.

How many players are there?
This is a game for 50 players, but reserves are welcome.

What are these "special mechanics"?
Players are required to Pact with another player at the beginning of the game, and with any other single player if their partner is Erased. To Pact with another player, both players must post in the thread confirming the Pact. Unless your role PM says otherwise, you will be Erased if you go 1 full day without a Pact.

Scanning a player reveals their true identity. Note that some higher-level beings of the UG may be able to avoid detection this way.

Each player must choose a Brand at signup, or they will be assigned one at random. Each day, players will vote for the next day's most popular Brand in bold yellow. Those wearing the most popular Brand that day will have their votes for Erasure and the next GM count for 3x the normal vote.

Brand List
Game Master (GM)
Each day, players will vote for the next day's GM in bold lime. The GM is responsible for posting the daily Missions.

Each day, the GM will post that day's Mission and the alloted time to complete it. If the Mission is not completed by the alloted time, 1 random non-Reaper player will be Erased every minute until it is completed or 5 players have been Erased. Missions are completed as soon as 1 player fulfills the Mission requirements. Missions that require voting will be done in bold cyan, and cannot be retracted or changed. Missions can be posted at any time during the day, up to 1 hour before vote close.

How is voting handled?
Voting closes each day at 8 PM EST. Voting for Erasure is done in bold red. Voting for Brands is done in bold yellow. Voting for GM is done in bold lime. Missions that require a vote are done in bold cyan. Retractions are not required for any vote, but Mission votes cannot be changed. Votes in edited posts will not count.

Misc. Rules and Clarifications
-Requests for clarifications are done in bold orange.
-No sharing/direct quoting of any role PMs.
-The minimum activity required is two posts per day, including voting posts.
-Abstaining from a vote counts as a non-vote. Two instances of non-voting will result in Erasure.
-If the Erasure vote is a tie, both players are Erased. If the Brand, GM, or Mission votes are a tie, the winner will be randomly determined.
-You get 1 "goodbye" post after being Erased.
- The order of events is generally as follows: Automatic actions > Submitted actions > Vote

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