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League of Legends

KwoaruKwoaru Registered User regular
edited November 2010 in Singularity Engine++
Download this now! It's free to play!

League of Legends is a game based off a Warcraft III Mod called DotA.
It’s like DotA without the stupid modders or HoN without being patted down for cash

You pick one of like 10 million champions and then try to destroy the other teams. Between you and the enemy base is a series of towers and automatically spawning npcs called creeps (or minions)

Why should I play this?
  • It’s fun. If you enjoyed DotA (any variation thereof) you will probably enjoy LoL
  • It’s free. Nearly everything can be unlocked just by playing the game; earning and spending Influence Points (more on them later)
  • Dedicated support. Riot isn’t perfect, but in their effort to make money they continuously update the game with bug fixes, balance changes, and new characters.
  • It’s free. Seriously, everything is free except for champion skins and some meta-game boosts that only jerks buy and don’t really matter anyway.
Who actually plays this?
Lots of people.

Who plays this and isn’t a racist 12 year old shit fucker?
Bunches of people from both SE and GnT
Do people use vent for this?
We'll just use the se++ vent like chumps

It says the servers are busy
Just use the code!
left right left right down down up up 3 4 (on the number row)
Is there anything I should know before I play this?
Lots of things.

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